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Craiova Spayathon 2014

Craiova Spayathon 2014Craiova Spayathon 2014

Our Programs

Operating Room, Romania


Preventing in-home and community-cared pets from producing litters will stop the stray overpopulation problem at its source.
Caring for animals

Animal Care

GlobalGiving recognized our Homeless Animal Hospital program as their Project of the Month for March, 2015.
Modern veterinary procedures

Veterinary Training

Our vets train safe, high-volume spay/neuter procedures and modern veterinary techniques to local and international veterinarians.
Educating local schoolchildren in taking care of their pets


We provide outreach to local schoolchildren so the next generation of animal lovers can take great care of their pets.

What People Say About Us



A daily problem of Romanian streets is the growing number of dogs and cats. It can be called a problem only because people still do not understand 100% how important it is to spay/neuter your dog or cat due to outdated mentalities, indolence or simply lack of responsibility. Being involved in rescuing in Romania it is a hard task and all rescuers know how many things they sacrifice in order to help an enormous number of animals.



Whenever I look back, thinking about the impact RAR had in my life, I always find myself remembering how it all started: Me, my family, our friends, lots of dogs and cats…madness!

Thank you, Nancy for your love and compassion, for your determination and stubbornness, for all your great help! Thank you, RAR donors, who support RAR projects, all those fantastic people who trust RAR Team and believe in them!

Raluca Jijian

Apreciez tenacitatea si daruirea voastra, rezultatele nu se lasa asteptate. Este vizibil ca lucrurile tind sa mearga pe drumul ce bun. Imi pare rau ca nu am puterea sa ma alatur voua fizic. Felicitari Oameni Minunati!

I appreciate your hard work and dedication, the results are unexpected. It is visible that things are getting better on the road. Sorry I do not have the power to join you physically. Congratulations lovely people!