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NorocoasaIn 2009, I had lost my dog and I suppose I was more vulnerable to the situation. After a few days, I met a sweet little dog, the only one in the neighborhood who was not initially aggressive. (Once the dogs know an individual won't hurt them, they are more "wags than barks," but until then, they are weary, and rightfully so.)

After a few weeks of getting to know this little, brown dog, I decided I wanted to take her home with me to Germany. On the Internet, I found a group in Sweden that rescues Romanian dogs and a member told me of Nancy Janes and the Romanian Animal Rescue. Nancy gave me Dr. Aurelian's contact info and he put me in touch with a very good veterinarian, Dr. Beatris Cazan, in the area in which I was living. The vet and I met and she immediately went to work to help me with my desire to adopt this dog. Interestingly, she only worked on stray animals.

At first, this dog was very scared in the house. I assume she had never been indoors before. I would leave in the morning for work and return at lunchtime to make sure she was okay and to walk her. She did not want to leave the room at first but after several days she finally understood. She had plenty of food and water, but surprisingly did not drink much. Nora was about five or six years old at the time and I think she was probably above average age for a stray dog.

One thing I discovered right away is that Nora loves pillows. She still spends almost all day on our bed on top of or between the pillows. Many things still frighten her. She does not like car rides, and was initially afraid of the sound of a home air conditioner. She remains fearful of strangers and new dogs but has finally come to realize that not everyone is out to hurt or attack her. She actually has made some close dog friends.

It has only been a year and a half and she has come so far. My husband and I look forward to many wonderful years with Norocoasa (Lucky One).