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Tomita's Veterinary Care

Mihaela Raducanu has asked us to help a rescue dog recover from distemper.

"Two weeks ago, I rescued a puppy from Tecuci to Bucharest. I thought this is better for him because there aren't so many good vets. He is about four months old. He was hit by a car and had both legs from behind injured. He also had a bad cough. The vets from Alma Vet decided to give him the distemper test and it was positive. But he was so lucky and survived. It's over now. I'm so happy for him. Now he has just one leg that needs to get recovered totally. In rest he is healthy and playful. His name is Tomita (the second one) and he is white like the first one (you know him). I am so happy he got over this horrible illness. Here are attached some pictures with him. He is just adorable and has such a wonderful character. I will try to help him get a loving family for the rest of his life. The problem is the bill for his treatment is 1200 lei ($330 US). Do you think Romania Animal Rescue could support this bill?"

Please Donate for Tomita's Veterinary Care