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Romanian Refugee in Search of Prime Doghouse

A puppy struck by a car on a Romanian road and left for dead instead winged her way across the globe and is in search of a Carmel home, according to her rescuer, Nancy Janes. "She was just on the side of the road, and I knew nobody would have the money to take care of her, to do anything for her," said Janes. The puppy, almost 6 months old, pulled herself along the ground with her front legs, dragging her motionless lower body behind her.


Theater Benefit for Romanian Animal Rescue

Romania Animal Rescue (RAR) ( ) presents an evening at the theater to raise money for homeless animals in Eastern Europe. The performance, "Romania - Beyond Dracula," is directed by Silvian Centiu, star of the hit play "A Transylvanian in Silicon Valley" ( ), a harrowing and hilarious tale of his emigration from Ceausescu's Romania to seek a better life in California.

Funds raised from the performance will support RAR’s ongoing efforts to help homeless animals. Many shelters in Romania are overcrowded with as many as ten dogs living in pens smaller than 15 square feet. Proceeds from this special performing arts event will help establish comprehensive spay/neuter programs and provide food and medical attention for homeless animals in Romania.

What: RAR theater fundraiser: "Romania - Beyond Dracula"
When: Saturday, October 28th at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center ( ), San Francisco

Tickets are $25 apiece advanced purchase, $30 at the door. Order tickets

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Photographer "re-brands" Romania's Street Dogs

As someone who had spent years in the advertising business in Romania, Livia Brenner knew that getting people to try something new was not easy. Getting them to change their opinions about the country's population of street dogs would be even harder. But Brenner was ready to face what might be the ultimate re-branding challenge.


Welcome to Dogs' Hell

This article appeared in the Polish magazine Moj Pies. The author is Kasia Gruszczynska, who was having a holiday in Romania.