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Free Sterilization Campaign of Stray Dogs

Gazeta de Sud posted this article announce our upcoming spay event in Tg. Jiu for Stray Animals Day on April 2-4. The following is a translation of the article:

Free Sterilization Campaign of Stray Dogs

Gorj and Mehedinti - Eugen MARUTA

Two NGOs will conduct an extensive free sterilization campaign of stray dogs in the city Târgu Jiu.

Thousands of stray dogs freely walk the city streets. Also, every year hundreds of people come to Infectious Diseases Division of Emergency County Hospital after being bitten by stray dogs. For years, the municipality sought solutions to remove animals from the streets. So far not much has succeeded because the governing law was not clear what measures could be taken by local authorities, and because some animal lovers feed stray dogs and provide them shelter. In Târgu Jiu, there are two shelters for stray dogs, but the cost for food and relatively high maintenance does not allow the accommodation of all stray quadrupeds.

The first major campaign for free sterilization

Two animal protection associations decided to hold the largest dog sterilization campaign conducted to date in Târgu Jiu to prevent dogs breeding. Thus, the association "Pro Animals" in Târgu Jiu, in cooperation with "Romania Animal Rescue" in the U.S. and the municipality will spay/neuter stray dogs, with the campaign titled "Spay Day 2012". The action will take place from April 3 to 5, the canine shelter of "Pro Animals" inside CET Târgu Jiu. Prior to the commencement of the sterilization campaign, both citizens and local associations can make appointments by phone or e-mail 0723.22.87.44: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Read the article in the original Romanian.