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Flashmob in Buhusi

Ion Fercu published this article in the website. Here is the English translation:

At midday, Buhusi residents received a surprise downtown, with the presence of an interesting "bustle". Nearly a thousand residents have witnessed the development of a unique flashmob put in the work by hundreds of high school students coordinated by Prof. Mariana Mircea Macovei Sava, in collaboration with the City, police, and RAR (Romania Animal Rescue).

The purpose of the event: A "raising public awareness" initiative aimed at supporting the light sterilization of dogs and cats with / without a sling. RAR, funded by the support of people in the UK and the US, will have their steriliziing event on June 4 and 5, at the Polyvalent Hall Bufusi. So far scheduled on the list are some 130 animals. Students presented a wonderful seven minute routine of dance and music, attracting attention that stray dogs should not be "machine-gunned" hunted, but treated like beings, causing surprise and questions from all sorts of passers-by.

Suggestive drawings, and calls made repeatedly throughout the city, by high school students through a megaphone and Buhusi were invited to participate in this activity, to target not only animal rights, but human rights. It is estimated that there are over three hundred Buhusi stray dogs, and many stray cats.

Buhusi Flashmob Video

Read the article in the original Romanian.


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