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Dr. Aurelian Stefan Is Wolfsfreund's Spokesperson

Here is a translation (from German) of a letter announcing Dr. Aurelian Stefan as the Wolfsfreund spokesman:

Dear Wolfsfreunds (Wolf Friends),

We received many correct responses, and almost everyone knew the correct answer: Dr. Aurelian Stefan! He is now our official Wolfsfreund spokesman. The use of animals in need is a labor of love for Wolfsfreund. Looking for a partner and veterinarian whose work one can only admire and support, we quickly came across ASNI (Animal Spay/Neuter International). The vet, Dr. Aurelian Stefan, is the medical director of ASNI who works on castration projects worldwide. As one of the few animal welfare organizations, ASNI was awarded the independent "Charities Seal of Excellence". After rigorous criteria with this honor awarded to this animal welfare organization, which, among other things, met the requirements in terms of reliability, effectiveness and cost transparency. Dr. Stefan has already planned numerous world projects for the castration of stray animals, expertly carried out with his team. In addition, he helps poor families in the treatment of their pets.

We find such an immeasurable commitment and tireless dedication deserves our full support. Fortunately, the sympathy was mutual. :-)

"Looking for a company that has an ear for dogs in need, we quickly found Wolfsfreund, and became aware of their products," says Dr. Stefan. "A first interview showed that you have common attitudes to dog and animal welfare, so that cooperation was obvious. The employees of Wolfsfreund were thrilled by what ASNI provides the world for dogs and their owners, and have directly pledged to support us. Conversely, I was personally impressed by the stringent philosophy and the desire to make really good food for dogs. The dog originated from the wolf, so is raw feeding grain-free is the best form of nutrition for every dog. CORF menus of Wolfsfreund are convenient for the owner, to feed dogs a balanced and species-appropriate diet."

Wolfsfreund is very happy to have won such a dedicated animal and human friend like Dr. Stefan as a spokesman for our products. We highly appreciate the work of ASNI and believe that spay/neuter is the only long-term way to reduce animal misery in the world.