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Citizens of Buhusi, Romania

The neutering campaign that we've been waiting for so long in Buhusi (previously known as a little city for clothes, today, practically erased from the earth) appeared when some innocent souls asked for dogs and cats. Your team proved a rare professionalism, selflessness, care and special attention and so much love for the animals. We are thankful forever with a very strong feeling for all you have done. We so much need this kind of intervention to not stop here, for the animals, whose destiny was not so kind. We need you, we're waiting for you as soon as possible to come back, hoping we will have a location and a better performance. With respect, Ioana and Bogdan Nemneteanu (those with the "3 dogs zdrahoni" citation by Mr. Dr. Vet., a professional vet. in all the regards) and the cats from the neighbors who have the primitive mentality that determines us to fight to keep them alive, because they have diabolic minds, as if they came from the inquisition time. We wish you all the best in the world! We're waiting for you to come back soon!