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Olympia Estrella

"Romania Animal Rescue and Mrs. Janes are legitimate, hardworking, caring and devoted to helping with the animal problem in Romania. I spent some time in Romania (I have two street cats found in Romania of my own), and I can attest to the fact that the problem with stray dogs and cats in Romania is severe.... I ask you to please be supportive and helpful to Romania Animal Rescue, as Mrs. Janes and all the caring people that volunteer and donate resources, through RAR, to this cause are truly interested in helping the animals. There is no political agenda, financial profiting or any nonsense. This is a legitimate effective non-profit organization. Mrs. Janes has single-handedly saved hundreds of animals."

Judy Johns

Director of Development and Public Relations,
The Latham Foundation for the Promotion of Humane Education

"Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. is a perfect example of Margaret Mead's reminder to 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.' In less than two years they have helped establish one of the best shelters in Eastern Europe and through it have helped countless dogs and cats while promoting awareness that animal well-being enhances human well-being. Theirs is truly an inspiring success story."

AnnaBell Washburn

Founder of P>A>W>S> of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts,
and a living legend in the practice of Trap/Neuter/Release

"Through all my years of dealing with animal problems, I have never been more stricken than I am by the plight of the stray dogs of Romania. And I can't praise Nancy Janes highly enough for taking on the overwhelming task of helping these pathetic animals. I support the efforts of Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. with my whole heart and will do anything I can to assist in their efforts."

Raluca Simion, 2010

"I respect Nancy for all her dedication and involvement with dogs in Romania: She supported spay and neuter campaigns in many cities (Sibiu, Galati, Bucharest, etc), she helped a lot of animals to find a new home or to live a better life in Romania (paralyzed Billy from Minis got a wheel chair from Nancy and I saw that cute dog, so happy to be able to run) and these are only some examples.

"I should tell you that I represent a different NGO from Romania, I am not part of RAR but I love working with Nancy in any occasion that we have, because I know that she is a person who really wants to improve dogs' lives."