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Citizens of Adjud, Romania

To Romania Animal Rescue

Adjud is a small town (in Romania) where people pretty much know each and, just as any other town, is a place where good people and bad people live together. On Saturday morning, April 28th 2012, Mrs. Dima Aurelia's yard – a doctor who loves the animals beyond words – fills up with lots of dogs and lots of people. They are good people, who gathered there not because of their religious beliefs, not because of their jobs or profession, but because of their kind hearts and the will to help the suffering dogs around their blocks.


Men and women, young or adults, people who claimed her yard brought with them voiceless animals on their leashes.
It is a Grand Day! Due to Mrs. Dima's efforts and as a result of many volunteers' efforts, Romania Animal Rescue representatives arrive today in the same place where Good Old Ion Roata met Voivode Cuza.
Romania Animal Rescue sent a team of vets to Adjud people who came offering salvation for our dogs: they came to spay/neuter the dogs and then to release them back to their own territories. The garage was transformed immediately in a "camp mobile surgical hospital" and from early dawn till late in the evening, dog are brought to be spayed/neutered.

All those dog on the streets were suffering: Those poor souls glanced at the world with their tiny sweet eyes, those stray dogs would not go shopping with the little basket carried around their necks, would not bring rum in the mountains to the lost ones, would not pull sleds, but those dogs wait, with hope in their eyes, for a kind word and tremble with fear when some expensive shoes pass near by their frail bodies.

For the people who brought them to the vets on this day, those little four-paws are their beloved friends and companions. These dogs look into their people's eyes not knowing why they were brought here and not understanding what is going on.

One by one, they are anesthetized and then spayed/neutered; there are mixed-breed dogs, big ones or pups, strong or frail ones, females or males, cute or apparently feisty ones. There were 41 dogs.

On Sunday, again, there were other 49 dogs. We are positive that this is the most appropriate and efficient way by means of which we can stop the breeding of the strays and thus to sign a truce against the abuse and cruelty brought upon them. The "driving force" behind this spay/neuter action carried on during this weekend was a big heart where all these innocent souls found a place to be loved and cherished.

As hosts, we have only praise words about Romania Animal Rescue representatives. It was the first time when the stray dogs were spayed/neutered in the small town of Adjud, and during these two days, 90 dogs were the vet's patients. And it was a great success, because we won't have the chance to meet here Brigitte Bardot or Mickey Rourke… or big celebrities to help us.

This gesture means so much for Adjud, because here, the stray unwanted dogs are poisoned. Very often, on their way to school, children used to find their beloved friends from their blocks "sleeping" on the side of the road due to the "immense love and care" of some neighbor. If thousands of years ago, some cultures would worship them considering them messengers of the Gods, the "stray urban dogs" of our days only raise violent arguments full of hate. So, we are more than happy and thrilled you came to help so promptly and for that we are very grateful.

We kindly ask you to allow the vet team led by Dr. Aurelian Stefan to come back in the near future to Adjud, because there are lots of dogs roaming on the streets, and the caretakers and the animal lovers will be very fast mobilized to bring the animals to be spayed/neutered. We thank you for your involvement and your support, we congratulate your fantastic work and we want to assure you that we will be amazing hosts for Dr. Aurelian Stefan's team!

We are looking forward for your answer and we hope it will be a positive one!

Signatures of this letter and partners of this event:

  1. Dr. Dima Aurelia
  2. Berbece Elena, student
  3. Mrs. Cuejdianu Victoria
  4. Mrs. Tănase Alina-Nicoleta
  5. Dima Cristiana, student
  6. Mr. Dima Cristian
  7. Mrs. Filimon Nicoleta
  8. Mrs. Ivan Cecilia
  9. Mrs. Ivan Ana, policewoman
  10. Mr. David Ion, policeman
  11. Mrs. David Dana
  12. Mrs. Sprânceană Aurica
  13. Mrs. State Elena
  14. Mrs. Cristian Ionela
  15. Mrs. Pavel Mihaela, professor



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