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Spay/Neuter Map

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RAR Map of Romania

This map shows the cities and towns we have helped with all of our services, including spay/neuter, school education, veterinarian training, veterinary care, adoption, and shelter support.

We have now added Baile Herculane, Petroşani, and Râmnicu Sărat to our list of cities where we have performed spay/neuter.

This past summer has been quite amazing for the animals in Romania. Despite the extreme heat, Romania Animal Rescue has been able to spay/neuter over 800 animals since June 1. Spays and neuters were done in Bucharest, Ploiesti, Bistrita, Craiova, Galati, Rosiori, Targoviste, Tecuci, and Giurgiu. In July, 2012 we added two new locations to the map of our work in Romania, Rosiori and Bistrita.

Our spay / neuter procedure funding approaches 32,000! We have sponsored 4791 spay/neuter procedures in 2013. Please consider donating to Romanian spay/neuter programs with RAR!




TOTAL: 27,822

Craiova Spayathon, 2011-2013

1400 dogs and cats were spayed/neutered in 10 days. 17 puppies were adopted to Vienna, and a 3 dogs were adopted by volunteers from America.


Bucarest Spayathon, 2010

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Romania Animal Rescue's mission is to establish animal welfare in the country of Romania and promote animal care and compassion. Our main goal is to spay/neuter street dogs to prevent the birth of puppies and kittens so that the suffering of the abandoned and stray animals is eliminated. We have joined forces with Dr. Aurelian Stefan, and his team of professionals to provide spay/neuter and veterinary care for the animals as our funding allows. The RAR team of vets travel throughout Romania providing this much-needed service in villages, towns and cities to promote animal well-being and to help those that love the animals by alleviating suffering and abandonment. Most of the animals have care givers, whether these animals live in a home, yard or on the streets, and the caretakers bring their beloved animals to the free "clinic" for care. These people are primarily impoverished and cannot afford the price of spay/neuter, if they can even find a veterinarian in Romania who is adept at this type of surgery. This is why our FREE program is so very vital to the community, along with the unique and highest skill levels of surgery provided by our "keyhole surgical technique". Our "Neuter and Spay! No More Strays!" mission helps the animals and those that love them by reducing the population of unwanted, starved, beaten, poisoned, and abused animals on a massive scale. By reducing the number of animals born in a humane fashion, we also help to break the cycle of abuse by those citizens who do not like the street animals or strays.

The animals in Romania also suffer from parasites, and we are always thrilled to receive donations of Certifect, Frontline, Revolution, and Advantix so that they can be treated and relieved of suffering. Romania Animal Rescue also provides free veterinary care for animals that are injured or need medical treatment, as our funding allows. To date (2012) Romania Animal Rescue has provided over 350 free emergency treatments for stray animals and for those cared for by impoverished people.

Tecuci Spayathon, 2010

In addition to these surgeries, RAR has funded deparasiting medicine, animal transport, vaccinations, and veterinary supplies.



When 80% of the street animals are sterilized, we will have achieved zero population growth.