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Spay/Neuter Goal

Our spay / neuter pro­cedure funding exceeds 34,000! We have sponsored 8846 spay/neuter procedures in 2014, the most we have funded in a single year. Only with your help can we reach our goal of 10,000 for 2015!

Stella Fund

StellaLittle Stella is one of over 2 million street dogs that wander throughout Romania. This one-month-old pup crossed our paths on a movie location outside Bucharest. At the end of a long, cold night shoot, during a rain storm, this sickly puppy was the last dog left, too weak to find shelter. We were in a foreign country and didn't know what to do.

Stella's experience is a common one in Romania, a country that struggles to provide for its impoverished citizens on every level. Night after night, thousands of dogs go hungry, left to fend for themselves in temperatures that will eventually freeze many of them to death. The problem is not only a moral one, it also comes down to math. Every unsterilized female dog and her offspring in their lifetime and that of their puppies can produce over 67,000 dogs. Spay and neuter programs, education and shelter are in short supply to deal with this overwhelming dilemma. So USA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, Romania Animal Rescue (RAR), was formed by American animal activist, Nancy Janes, to help where help was so sorely needed. Nancy and her team have created an effective free spay and neuter program in Romania utilizing highly skilled local veterinarians. They go town to town, doing up to 300 operations in a weekend. Their efforts are making headway on a grassroots level, slowly transforming the way a generation will help "man's best friend".

Help the "Stellas" in Romania.

Moreni Spay/Neuter Campaign

Mornei DogsWe are very grateful for this. Every dog that is spay/neuter means tens of unwanted puppies saved from a life of suffering. I can always provide pictures from every free spay/neuter campaign supported by RAR in Moreni. These are facts! Besides, I know Nancy helps a lot of disabled animals to be treated by the best vets and then helps sending them to good homes.

Anda Popescu

Support Moreni

Tecuci Spay/Neuter Campaign

Tecuci DogsI am Mihaela Raducanu from Tecuci. I'm happy to announce that we are making considerable progress regarding the stray dogs in our town since the Mayor decided to help us solve this problem humanely. He renovated for the RAR team a nice place where our vets are going to spay/neuter every month from now on.

In addition the Council is going to decide that everyone will have to spay/neuter their dogs, otherwise they will have to pay a tax. Then the Public service management for stray dogs is going to microchip all the owned dogs to prevent them from being abandoned.

[We] also suggested to the Mayor that we should provide a way for people to adopt dogs by building an adoption center. And now this project has begun, too.

More good news is that we started an educational program for schools. We already gave to children 1,000 booklets that were generously donated by RAR, which is planning to donate 600 more booklets. I was very happy to see how open the teacher and children were to this educational program.

We are very grateful for all this support from RAR's donors. Thanks to them in Tecuci we spayed/neutered about 2300 dogs till now and we need to continue this free castration program because there are a lot of people who really care about their animals and want to castrate them but they cant afford to. The City Hall is also going to collaborate with a local vet who is going to be trained by RAR vets, so he can use the best skills and techniques to spay/neuter. This way the animals will be able to recover faster and easier.

We are on the right path here in our small town helping the dogs and I want to tell you that the people from Tecuci are very grateful for your support.

So, dear friends we need you to go on donating to RAR so this wonderful team can provide more free sterilizations and more booklets for the children in schools. Thank you again for helping to make this possible.

Support Tecuci