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Homeless Animal Hospital

Helping animalsThe animals in Romania also suffer from parasites, and we are always thrilled to receive donations of Certifect, Frontline, Revolution, and Advantix so that they can be treated and relieved of suffering. Romania Animal Rescue also provides free veterinary care for animals that are injured or need medical treatment, as our funding allows. To date (2012) Romania Animal Rescue has provided over 350 free emergency treatments for stray animals and for those cared for by impoverished people.

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Give a Little, Help a Lot

At only $22 per spay/neuter, it is the best solution for fixing the stray animal overpopulation problem. Help Toby, and other animals rescued from the street.

Support Spay/Neuter

Emergency Feeding Program

It has come to our attention that there is need for emergency help to fund basic feeding programs for charities that we work with and trust. Although we cannot sustain long-term feeding programs we would like to help these groups until they can find a permanent solution to this problem.

Feed the Dogs

Homeless Dogs Hospital

Removing tar from a dog in RomaniaCaring for homeless dogs does not end with their spay/neuter. At the Homeless Dogs Hospital, homeless dogs are given medical attention when they need it. Whether it is deparasitation, eye care, amputation, or other medical issue, our vets will provide that treatment.

Feed the Dogs