published this story about our spayathon this weekend in Silven. Here is the automatically translated version of the story:

From October 6th to 9th, on the occasion of the International Animal Day in Sliven will be held another marathon for castration of dogs and cats, organized by the international animal protection organization Animal Spay Neuter International and their partners Romania Animal Rescue Inc.

In the campaign so far, 220 animals have been registered, both pets and courtyard dogs and cats. This is the fifth visit of the team, so far 804 animals have been castrated in the 4 campaigns. The interest in the marathon is huge and, unfortunately, the quota of 200 operations allocated to each campaign is insufficient to cover all willing. More and more farmers realize that castration is an act of responsibility for both the pet and the particularly serious problem with the stray animal population. Castration prevents various diseases in both female and male animals, while preventing unwanted generations, many of which end up in the street.

The visiting team includes highly qualified young doctors who occasionally perform more complicated operations than routine castration during the marathon. The technique of castration, known in professional circles as keyhole surgery, is minimally invasive and non-requiring postoperative care - especially suited to courtyard animals and wandering animals that are released again the next day.

The campaigns for free castration are held in Sliven twice a year, in March and October. Operations are funded entirely by donations gathered internationally by the charity organization, the lecturer. Each of them was joined by volunteers from the British community in the field as well as Sir Helene Idish from 4Stray dogs Norway. In this campaign as a volunteer arrives and Suzie Gofredo Morris from the US, who is a member of the board of directors of RAR Inc, dba ASNI.