Our focus is to establish and promote animal welfare internationally with a great emphasis in the country of Romania.

Our Programs


Preventing in-home and community-cared pets from producing litters will stop the stray overpopulation problem at its source.
Homeless Animal Hospital

Homeless Animal Hospital

Homeless Animal Hospital is the Recipient of the Global Giving Project for the month of March 2015.
Veterinary Training Camp

Veterinary Training Camp

Our vets train safe, high-volume spay/neuter procedures and modern veterinary techniques to local and international veterinarians.


We provide outreach to local schoolchildren so the next generation of animal lovers can take great care of their pets.

RAR Center News

The New Romania Animal Rescue Center, Bucharest

The New Romania Animal Rescue Center, Bucharest

The new Romania Animal Rescue center in Bucharest, will be our new spay/neuter clinic and homeless animal hospital. This hospital will also be the center of operations for RAR as well as the center for the Veterinary Training Camp. Planned grand opening is for October 2016. We need YOUR support to help fund this new center...

In Depth

When your Best Friend becomes your Worst Enemy

Would your best friend leave you for dead in the middle of nowhere with no means of survival?

Spay/Neuter News

Snagov Spayathon July  2016

Snagov Spayathon July 2016

57 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered in the city of Snagov in July.

Iasi Monthly Spayathon August 2016

50 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered in Iasi in the first weeks of Aug.

Homeless Animal Hospital News

3 Puppies will Walk Again

3 Puppies will Walk Again

Tonight at HAH we have 3 puppies rescued from different places with fractures from car accidents, all under 3 months old, homeless and all born to suffer. This is the story of one of these puppies.

HAH to the Rescue

This poor boy came in and Homeless Animal Hospital performed a very complicated surgery. One of the dog's kidneys was full of puss and peritonitis was very very close to happening. He is now recovering and healthy again.

Other News

Changing the Future Generation

Changing the Future Generation

Education is key to change and to teaching the future generation of the importance of spaying/neutering.

Ellie's Story, Homeless & Unwanted

Ellie's Story, Homeless & Unwanted

Ellie is about 3 months old; she doesn’t remember much of her short life, just that one day she opened her eyes to this chaotic world, where big scary things moved around her and her tummy hurt all the time. She doesn’t remember her mother, just her warm belly, but once she was gone, there was nothing warm about the world Ellie was left in.



ASNI Informational Video

ASNI Informational VideoASNI Informational Video

Bulgaria Vet Training & Spayathon

Bulgaria Vet Training & Spayathon Bulgaria Vet Training & Spayathon

Behind the scenes of a Spayathon

Behind the scenes of a SpayathonBehind the scenes of a Spayathon

HOPE of Deliverance

 HOPE of DeliveranceHOPE of Deliverance

What People Say About Us

Martin Todorov, Viktoria Karamanova, Angelina Kesova and Filiz Zeynelova, Bulgaria

We understand that you are very busy – there are animals who need help all over the world - and yet you took the time to sit down with us to give us a part of the knowledge that you have worked so hard to acquire over the years.

Alina from Adjud, Romania

When I heard 5 years ago that an American organization do free neutering I thought it was not true, I thought it was some trick. In 2010 I called Mihaela from asoc Tomita in Tecuci, I searched a car and I went with two female to be sterilized. In 2011 I was about 3 campaigns in Tecuci with dogs brought from Adjud. I wanted so much that this campaigns to be done in Adjud too . In April 2012 my dream came true, I did in Adjud first sterilization campaign ( 90 animals ) . From 2012 to today I had 9 Adjud sterilization campaigns. This month will be the 10th campaign:) Thank God that there are wonderful people and I had the opportunity to know some of them. It is much more to write but do not know too much English.

NUCA Team incl. Alina Banu and Iuliana Zuver, Cluj, Romania

Dear Nancy, dear Dr. Aurelian, dear Dr. Petrisor,

Thank you very much for the fantastic and very useful training you offered for the two vets from Cluj.
Trough this message we would like to express our deepest gratitude and thousands of thanks again!