Found shivering on the side of a busy road, internal bleeding... Read more
Stolzy was brought to Homeless Animal Hospital with parvo... Read more
Simona Cirnu rescue
This poor boy came in and Homeless Animal Hospital performed a very complicated surgery... Read more
Case of the Day
Just another typical day at the Homeless Animal Hospital, Craiova... Read more
The story of this little kitty is remarkable and shows that only through compassion and through... Read more
This sweet dog, named Lexi, was found in a terrible state and rushed to Homeless Animal Hospital clinic. Read more
Bringing HOPE by providing free Vet Care
The Homeless Animal Hospital vet team traveled to a very poor area of Romania to help out... Read more
This scared girl was brought in to the Spayathon in Adjud for spaying. She was found to have... Read more
Another Precious Life Saved
A girl brought in from the local shelter to our spay campaign. She was pregnant and all puppies were... Read more


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