Whom We Help
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Homeless Animal Hospital (HAH) was established to complement our spay/neuter efforts. The hospital’s critical work, with your support, enables our vet team to provide free veterinary care to dogs and cats that are strays or that belong to lower income families. Free animal care ensures that animals of low-income owners are not abandoned or surrendered to kill shelters because their family cannot afford the cost of treatment. Free animal care and spaying/neutering also improve the adoption chances for stray animals brought in by good Samaritans.

How We Do It
Romania Animal Rescue - Homeless Animal Hospital - How We Do It

The free veterinary services provided include free vaccinations, spay/neuter, emergency vet care, surgeries and anything else needed to allow for a full recovery.  We currently provide veterinary care services during our mobile campaigns as well as at the Family Vet clinic in Craiova that allows us to use their facility for our charitable work. We are building the Center of Hope near Bucharest and this will be an all- encompassing venue for our work in that region of Romania. In addition, our team of vets and techs travel throughout Romania (HOPE spaymobile and van ) providing this much-needed service in villages, towns and cities to promote animal well-being and to help those that love the animals by alleviating suffering and abandonment.

Center of Hope
Romania Animal Rescue - Homeless Animal Hospital - Center of Hope


The new Romania Animal Rescue center in Bucharest, will be our new spay/neuter clinic and homeless animal hospital. This hospital will also be the center of operations for RAR as well as the center for the Veterinary Training Camp.

Click here for more information our Center of Hope.

Happy Animal Stories
Romania Animal Rescue - Homeless Animal Hospital - Happy Animal Stories


There are many wonderful save stories where HAH has given free vet care thus savings the lives of so many needy animals. Please click here to read all the heart warming stories of so many precious lives saved by Homeless Animal Hospital.

Check out Happy Animal Stories for some heartwarming save stories all thanks to Homeless Animal Hospital.


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