by Romania Animal Rescue

Bilbo and Rantin were two tiny puppies when they were found at the side of a busy national road with their brave mum Ranna. Ranna had a rope and chain wrapped tightly around her stomach. She had obviously been tied up somewhere but had managed to escape with babies Bilbo and Rantin.

Ranna was very skinny and desperate to find food for her babies. In her desperation to find food, Ranna and her little family were in danger of being killed by speeding traffic. Luckily for Ranna, Bilbo and Rantin, the Romania Animal Rescue team spotted them as they drove back from a Spayathon and they immediately pulled over to help. Ranna, Bilbo and Rantin were brought to safety, given food and veterinary care. When they were fit and well they were all found loving homes.

All of this was made possible because of kind Romania Animal Rescue supporters like you, and we are so grateful for your support. We have just received an update on Bilbo and Rantin who are now all grown up and loving life in their new homes. Thank you for helping dogs like Bilbo, Rantin and their brave little mum Ranna!