Thousands of stray dogs live in the industrial areas near the busy Ring Road around Bucharest. We have started a new project to spay/neuter as many dogs as we can to improve the quality of life of these Ring Road dogs.

Many of these dogs are fed by people working in these areas. But too many puppies are born in these factory yards and they are vulnerable to diseases and injuries. The best we can do to help is to see that fewer pups are born into a world that cannot provide for them.

In August, the first 13 dogs to be sterilized as part of this project were brought to the Center of Hope. Since then 98 dogs have been spayed/neutered and returned to where they live. More will spayed/neutered in the coming months.

We have been able to start this project due to the donations raised by Maggi Waite and the supporters of her Romania Animal Rescue Fundraisers. Now it is everyone else's turn to ensure the project continues:

Thank you everyone!

These photos show a few of our Ring Road patients being cared for at the Center: