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Sterilization Event for Dogs in Romania a Huge Success

Over the past couple of weeks, a U.S. based animal rescue group underwent a huge spay/neuter event in Romania in response to the street dog problem throughout the country. The event was a huge success, with 1500 animals being sterilized.

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. (RAR) is the U.S. based non-profit organization that ran the massive spay/neuter event in Romania. During the event, owned dogs, street dogs and shelter dogs were provided free spay/neuter, deparasiting treatment, vaccinations as needed, and even grooming. Numerous volunteers from the U.S., Romania, and Austria helped to make this the largest Spayathon in Romania's history, sterilizing 1400 animals in Craiova and 100 more in Giurgiu. This is in addition to the 254 dogs they sterilized in Braila, Tecuci, Glina, and Iasi last month. Although the mass spayathon has ended, RAR continues to fund a monthly sterilization program in Tecuci for 100 dogs, as well as in Iasi for 50 dogs.

Recently there has been quite a bit of disturbing press regarding the street dogs in Romania, including a proposed mass killing of the street dogs in Brasov. There was also a recent incident in Botosani, Romania in which over 200 dogs were killed secretly overnight at a public shelter at the order of the mayor.

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