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Daciana, Bistrita, Romania

"In Bistrita this autumn we have many bone skinny, starving female dogs with puppies their bodies can't make milk to feed.... Many people who don't have a lot but have a big compassion for unfortunate animals and saved from the street dogs and cats that they are sharing the little food they have with... are calling us and Dr. Tavi to schedule them for free sterilization. We are every time in the position to tell them we do not have the possibility to offer free sterilizations anymore and since they really cannot afford to pay for it, their household is now full of puppies.

"Dr. Tavi called us today, like many other times before, asking if Nancy and the RAR donors can help a poor man who saved 2 female dogs from the street, could not afford to spay them and already has 6 puppies from one of them. Like always, I told him I am sorry, but we barely manage to keep up with the expenses of running our shelter where 50 dogs with needs of food, vaccines and most times, treatments, reside. So he offered free injections to the man's 2 female dogs to not go in heat in the next 6 months. But that's just for 6 months and just for 2 dogs out of this whole city where many more puppies need to be saved from a horrible life and death. I say death as not only the hunger, cold and diseases from lack of vaccines will torture them till they find their eternal peace, but with this 14 days euthanasia law, the Mayor of our city specifically said he will try to give more time to the doggies to get adopted. But if they don't, he will have to euthanize them, and we can't find homes for dozens and dozens and dozens of puppies along with the adults that are already in need of homes. We really just can't save them all with this crazy rhythm of new puppies brought in the world. So I am begging you RAR donors please help the dogs of Bistrita again and save the lives of the unborn puppies. Save them from tragedy."


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