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Newsletter Archive

September 2011

Ploiesti: Desperate Need To Neuter »

This excerpt is from the Romanian Stray Dogs of Ploiesti blog. Read the full article.

With hundreds of entire dogs in the Bucov shelter, many even housed together in mixed gender groups, the dogs unfortunately keep on multiplying. Furthermore, the lack of interest in spaying and neutering dogs (even recently impregnated dog bitches) by the shelter administration leads to more and more dogs being born within the Bucov shelter.

Unfortunately, this scenario holds true for the roaming stray dogs as well. Occasional spaying/neutering campaigns of roaming stray dogs by Vier Pfoten have certainly helped, but the problem could only be contained through systematic, continuous local neutering campaigns.

Furthermore, probably less than 5% of owned dogs are neutered, which leads to more puppies being born that often end up abandoned on the side of the road, in parks and train stations. Education of the local population with regard to responsible dog ownership, backed up with hefty fines for owners that abandon unwanted puppies, should be a priority for the local authorities.

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Rob, Gunner, Gidget, Pooh Bah, Nicky, Sherman, Sweets, and Paloma

Sadly, we have many animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This newsletter is dedicated to: Rob, Gunner, Gidget, Pooh Bah, Nicky, Sherman, Sweets, and Paloma all have gone to a better place where there is no more suffering, and where there is no more prejudice against a dog simply because he was born on the streets or not purebred. God rest their little souls.
Pictured above: Rob, Gunner, and Gidget.

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »

Thank you for all you have done to help Ambi, Bitza, the four puppies, Chelsea and the hundreds and hundreds of unborn puppies! Ambi will go to the UK for adoption in January, Bitza is now in Denmark, the four puppies are with Maria in Holland, and Chelsea is on her way to Jane in Virginia, USA!

September was another incredible month for RAR and the RAR team. Dr. Aurelian and Dr. Petrisor were able to spay/neuter 144 dogs at the Fiducia Shelter in Reghin for Mrs. Lidia. Animals were also spayed/neutered in Moreni, Targoviste, Tecuci, Bucharest, and Braila. We were fortunate enough to have the funds to sponsor Dr. Lidia Nistor for the Veterinary Training Camp so that she is now capable of starting a spay/neuter program in the city of Botosani, Romania!

I hope that you will continue to support the primary need for the animals in Romania - safe and effective spay/neuter. This month our newsletter is focusing on the tremendous need for spay/neuter in Ploiesti - the forgotten city. Romania Animal Rescue did a campaign in February of this year to help the 36 dogs and puppies living in an abandoned house following with owners death. Dr. Aurelian and Dr. Corbu were able to catch, spay/neuter, vaccinate and microchip the animals to get them ready for transport to Austria and Hungary. At that time, our friend Mihaela in Ploiesti asked that we please return to help in her city, and we promised that we would when we could raise the funds. Well, now is the time for us to keep our promise to Mihaela for the animals. I hope that you will join me in donating for the spay/neuter of the dogs in Ploiesti.

Thank you so much for your
help and support! Love,
Nancy Janes,
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.

Dear RAR friends,

Thanks to you we continue to change the faith of countless stray dogs in Romania by spay and neuter, and by providing high-end surgical training for devoted vets, who when once returned home can start operating on animals with the best techniques. Your support is invaluable for the long-term improvement in the life of the saddest Romanian strays. Please stand by us and be part of our work and success.

God bless you all!
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, D.V.M

Spay/Neuter Update »

In September, we funded 409 procedures in Moreni, Targoviste, Fiducia, Visina, and Tecuci, bringing our total to 12,835. We currently have two ongoing spay/neuter programs in the cities of Iasi (Romania's second largest city) and Tecuci. Your continued support will help us fund our 15,000 spay/neuter within the next few months.

Our education outreach program helps to bring information on animal welfare to school children in Romania. We have in-school educational programs in Iasi, and have started two more in Craiova and Tecuci. Our donations sustain our programs and allow us to provide help throughout Romania, thanks to you.

Bitza Is Finally Home in Denmark! »

Hi Nancy, finally arrived home with Bitza. He slept on my lap, the whole 2 hours drive back home. Once in a while he looked up at me, and licked my hands, and every time he looks at me he wags his tail. Oh, I just love this dog. He was very hungry and thirsty when we came to my house, and now I think its time to go for a walk. He is such an easy and loving dog.

4 Orphan Puppies Arrive in Holland! »

Alexandra contacted Romania Animal Rescue in July seeking help for these puppies whose mother had been killed. The pups went to AlmaVet in Bucharest for treatment, then to a private shelter for boarding, and finally they have arrived in Holland to stay with Maria until homes can be found!

Thank you Alex, Maria, AlmaVet and donors for helping these little souls!

You can watch a video of them on YouTube.

Scotty Update »

Scotty was adopted from the Craiova Spayathon in May. Katalin is keeping us up-to-date with how he is enjoying life away from the streets in Florida.

You may remember Scotty was adopted from the Craiova Spayathon in May. He was suffering terribly with ticks when we found him. Mihaela fostered him until he was fully adopted by Katalin in Florida.

Ambi Update »

Ambi is doing well, she had the first pin removed, and did not use the knee for a while, but Mr Vasile bought her some medication that is good for dogs with mobility problems, and in a couple of days showed improvement.

That is why we want to remove the other pin too in October, so that she will not have metallic staff inside her, and the bones will still be able to grow. During November, we want to spay and neuter her, so that in December she can recover completely.

Her passport is ready, she has had three polivalent vaccines and the anti-rabies, and everything is in order.


The Fiducia Shelter »

Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan and the RAR team went to Fiducia Shelter in Reghin, Romania on September 5, 6, 7 to perform 144 free spays/neuters for Mrs. Lidia. The dogs there are desperate for help. Many are dying of distemper, and some were too thin for spay/neuter surgery. If you would like to donate to help the Fiducia Shelter dogs, and please visit our donation page and note that your donation is for the dogs at Fiducia. They need food, vaccines and spay/neuter once they are healthy again. Thank you!

From Craiova to Virginia »

Thanks to a number of good people, on October 5 Chelsea was welcomed into the caring home of Jane in Virginia, transported by our friend Marius Tanase from Romania! This is the story of a dog who suffered a terrible accident in Craiova, Romania. Not only her left eye was smashed and her left ear completely torn but as a result of the blow to the head she lost vision in the remaining eye.

Before that she used to live in the courtyard of a car repair shop and there happened the accident. We were told that she wouldn't allow anyone to touch her, always keeping a cautious distance. Her accident happened this summer, so she lost eyesight for just about two months and she is still trying to adapt to this.

She gladly shares food and water with another injured dog. She probably seeks comfort in the presence of other dogs around her and she has gradually learned to allow us to touch her.

We're still working on building her confidence in people. She doesn't move around too much and she always keeps a very quiet attitude, probing the space around with the right ear.

Our group is called Asociatia Speranta Pentru Animale (Hope for the Animals Association) and you can see more from our activity on our web site.

Our Thanks »

Keith Tyler and Merial for donations of Frontline and HeartGard (what would we do without you Keith?!), Stichting Diernood for help with spay/neuter, and (soon to be Sterilize Dogs) for your support and help with spay/neuter in Tecuci and Nicoresti.

Thank YOU - our wonderful and amazing donors who have made miracles happen for the Romanian animals, and continue to do so!

Nancy Janes,
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)


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