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Newsletter Archive

March 2012

  Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter March 2012  
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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Spay/Neuter Numbers »  



376 Spay/Neuter procedures funded this year in Romania.
600 Total spay/neuter procedures funded in Iasi in the past twelve months.
13,939 Total spay/neuter procedures funded since 2004.
5000 The number of spay/neuter procedures we expect to fund in 2012.

Clara and El Niño

This newsletter is dedicated to Clara, the dog of Patsy, Joe and Sascha, who recently died, and El Niño, the cat of Margaret who unexpectedly died. We are thinking of you as you seek comfort in your memories of them.

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »  

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Supporters and Friends,

Thank you for reading our newsletter! What a busy month this has been for Romania Animal Rescue, and this is only the beginning of good things to come!

This month we were able to spay/neuter animals in many cities and towns, as well as help Alexandra Sarau with veterinary treatment and care for a number of her dogs and puppies that need to go up for adoption, but for whom she had no resource of help to turn to. She asked if RAR would help her to spay/neuter, vaccinate and microchip all her animals, about 20 in total. Thanks to your generous support we were able to do this for her animals. They are now going up for adoption to new homes.

Brinda Dasha and the animals of Turda will have a new shelter thanks to your support last month!

As we go from winter into spring, puppy season is upon us. Romania Animal Rescue is once again faced with the daunting task of spaying and neutering animals, training vets through the Veterinary Training Program, and providing free veterinary care for countless Romanian animals who are hurt or suffering. Here are some of our new projects and challenges:

  1. On April 4, Stray Animals Day, Romania Animal Rescue will go to Tg Jiu to spay/neuter 150 animals for Pro Animals Romania.
  2. We have been asked by the folks who took over the shelter in Jilava to come and spay/neuter their 70 shelter dogs along with community dogs, and treat them for mange and parasites, and vaccinate all these dogs. There is also a large-animal vet in Jilava who would like to be trained on spay/neuter techniques by Dr. Aurelian Stefan and Dr. Petrisor Stefan. We need your help with this project if at all possible, as we simply do not have the funds at the moment to cover all the demands made upon our charity.
  3. In Ploiesti and Baia Mare, we are again being asked to fund the spay/neuter for hundreds of animals so that offspring will not be born to suffer. But we have no funds for this at the moment. Alex in Ploiesti and Dr. Lucaciu and Diana Topan from Baia Mare are waiting with open arms to welcome your help for spay/neuter in their cities and for their campaign through a donation to Romania Animal Rescue.

I realize that this is the good and the not so good information, but at this moment we are really struggling to fulfill the goals of helping good people to help the animals of Romania. I hope you can donate to Romania Animal Rescue, and thank you so much! A donation through Stella's Fund, our new fundraising challenge, would be ever so appreciated. Thank you!

May you have a wonderful Spring!
Nancy Janes,
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.



Dear friends,


As many of you know already April 4th is the World Stray Animal Day. RAR decided to celebrate this day by organizing a spay and neuter tour that will consist of more than 300 animals spayed and neutered in less than seven days. We shall be traveling more than 700 miles in order to spay and neuter as many animals as possible in the places where people need us most. I remind you that we, the RAR medical team, go where few, if any, vets went before. We treat animals in need and we bring light where there was only darkness and sighs.


With our efforts we are happy to know that so many animals are given a new chance and a new beginning. Spaying and neutering brings down the overpopulation burden so that people will value their animals more and provide better care for them. We need your help to continue to visit remote places like Barlad or Adjud, where we receive so many pleas for help. We need you, our wonderful donors, to help us continue our good work and we are sure you will stand by us and the Romanian animals.


Thank you for your donations and support and god bless you!


Our Latest News »  

Advantix for Iasi

Lovely and kind dogs from Iasi shelter need some help! All dogs are spayed/neutered and vaccinated thanks to Romania Animal Rescue and Iasi City Hall! This year we need your help for getting them the most needed protection against ticks and fleas! Ticks and fleas carry diseases and parasites that are transferred to their host dogs. We are looking for donations for Advantix to protect the Iasi dogs from bites, disease, and parasites!

Thank You from Tomita, Tecuci

In March, the Romania Animal Rescue team spayed/neutered 72 dogs and cats and removed the tumor from a female dog. The dog is fine and having a good recovery. Thank you to all the generous donors for your support. Thank you RAR and Nancy Janes for continuing this wonderful project in Tecuci.

Gratefully, Mihaela
The Association for Protection of Animals "Tomita" Tecuci.

World Spay Day

RAR will be going to Tg. Jiu in early April to spay/neuter 150 animals in honor of Stray Animals Day on April 4 and World Spay Day. Each spay/neuter surgery costs RAR the discounted rate of $22. With your help, we can provide wonderful surgeries by great and highly skilled surgeons to stop the birth of unwanted and sheltered animals living in Romania with no hope of a happy life. Please help us with our spay/neuter programs. All funds go to help the animals of Romania. Thank you.

RAR also hopes to go to Barlad to provide free spay/neuter of Association Azorel prior to the Spayathon, if we can secure funding for this. The Spayathon is still scheduled in Botosani in May for the spay/neuter of up to 1000 animals in two weeks by the RAR team of vets!

Reaching Out
Dr. Aurelian Stefan (FamilyVet Craiova), Dr. Petrisor Stefan, and Dr. Irina Corbu continue to travel to the countryside of Romania, and provide excellent vet care! Keep up the great work!

Rubbing Shoulders
An amazing day at the American Embassy in Bucharest representing Romania Animal Rescue.

Hope for Animals: Spay Day March 4, 2012
Speranta pentru Animale (Hope for Animals) took these photos at the Craiova Spay Day, held on March 4, 2012. Doctors Aurelian Stefan and Irina Corbu spayed/neutered 46 puppies.
Thank you, Irina Corbu and Aurelian Stefan, the team from Family Vet Craiova, and Susan Bosel for the blankets!

Turda Shelter Update
On behalf of my colleague I would like to express our gratitude for the help we have received as sponsorship for building our new shelter. I have attached pictures I took today where you can see our land, the fence and the kennels parts assembled at my colleague home, as we don't have electricity on the field. We still have big work ahead, but watching these pictures and the shelter's pieces getting together day by day, I cannot stop thinking of you and the people who have helped us to fulfill our dream, to save our 160 dogs. Thank you for your huge support, for being the one who cared about our situation, our dogs.



Help Wanted »  

We need to find anyone who can travel from Galati, Romania to Slovenia to transport a handicapped dog for adoption! Please if you know of anyone! Thank you!

Romania Animal Rescue is often asked how we can help the horses in Romania. Well, we have an answer for you! Planeta Ham Ham - Adoption Center Iubirre, Bd. Barbu Vacarescu, nr. 162-164, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania would like supplies to care for horses. They are in need of large and medium size halters, treatments for wounds, terramiacin for eye infections, large horse blankets, vitamins, hoof nippers and files for trimming their hooves. Raluca Simion, Delia Pirvu, and Ramona Tanase can also receive monetary donations for the horses feed. These are working horses that belong to poor people in rural areas, who cannot afford to take care of them. The people use them to gain their money everyday and Raluca, Delia and Ramona help the horses. We do free horse shoeing, give them blankets and free medical check-ups. Romania Animal Rescue is sending worming medications (100 doses) and a few others supplies for these and other horses of Romania. Please help also if you can! Thank you!

Spay/Neuter Education Booklets »  

Our educational booklet campaign has been getting a lot of attention. Think Stray wrote an article about our most recent introduction to the Baia Mare school system. Here is an excerpt from their article:

March 3, 2012, Baia Mare. The Think Stray! team visited the "Emil Racovita" high school in Baia Mare ealier this week,  and we are pleased to say that our meeting with the students and their teachers turned out to be a great success. The objectives of our visit were: (1) to distribute the education booklets donated by Romania Animal Rescue (USA) and generously sponsored by Mayhew Animal Home (UK), (2) to discuss about spaying and neutering as a humane and effective method to reduce stray animal population, (3) to sensitize the students to the issues of stray animals in the community and encourage adoptions, and (4) to update the students on the Think Stray campaign progress and on the generous support of partnering organizations.

We had an amazing response from the students and teachers alike, and they were all eager to be involved in discussions and ask questions.

Read the full article.

Fundraising »  

The Stella Fund
The Stella Fund is set up to provide free spay/neuter for Romanian animals. Thank you, Stella and Karen, for remembering the suffering animals back home in Romania! Please donate to help us Neuter or Spay! No More Strays!

We have two Chip-In campaigns for April:

  1. Spay/Neuter and Veterinary Care: We have been inundated with requests for the Romania Animal Rescue team to go to towns, villages, and shelters to provide free veterinary care and free spay/neuter. At this point in time, we find that we are not able to afford to send our team of veterinary professionals to help without donations from the public. Romania Animal Rescue needs to go to Jilava, Ploiesti, Baia Mare, Deva and Barlad. We cannot afford to do this without help from you, the people who love the animals from Romania. Thank you very much for your understanding and for helping the animals to not be born to suffer. Any donation helps us to help them. Sincerely, Nancy Janes
  2. May Spayathon in Botosani: This year's big Spayathon will occur in May for the city of Botosani. We are looking to spay/neuter 1000 dogs during the course of two weeks. The cost for each procedure is only $22 per dog and your tax-deductible donation will save countless lives. Thank you!

Gift Certificates
Our friend, Peter, suggested this: So many of us have friends that are hard to shop for birthday gifts. What about purchasing a gift of love, that will help alleviate suffering of animals? You and your friends will become a legend in your own time for helping to end the suffering of animals in Romania! It is such a great gift. A donation of one spay for a female dog ($22) can prevent 67,000 puppies from being born into a world of suffering! A donation of five spays ($110) can prevent the birth of 335,000 puppies! Your friend will get a birthday card from RAR and you will get a tax-deduction! Thank you, Peter, for your wonderful suggestion!

Gift certificates are available now, via PayPal.

Our Thanks »  

Thank you to our wonderful donors for your donations that keep our programs to help the Romanian animals!

Love to you,
Nancy Janes,
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)