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Newsletter Archive

2012 Spayathon

  Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter May 2012 Spayathon  

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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May Spayathon 2012 Map »  

This year's big Spayathon started in Botosani. Over the course of the following two weeks, we also held spay events in other towns. The people requesting spay/neuter in their towns had so much energy and passion for helping the animals, we took our team to Tecuci, Barlad, and Ploiesti. As a parting gift to Botosani, we delivered 1000 educational booklets for their schools to sow the seed of animal welfare in Botosani for years to come.

Rest in Peace, Oscar Luzurraga and Poppy Sadface

Oscar (pictured above) was adopted by the Luzarraga family at the animal shelter in Houston, TX in 2005. He was found as a puppy wondering the streets in the bad area of Houston at eight weeks. The entire Luzarraga family, June, Holly, Michael, and Raul, as well as Rory and Nancy, Oscars uncle and aunt, are devastated by the death of this wonderful dog. Everyone who knew Oscar loved him. His life his cut short at its peak. We loved you darling boy. You didn't have a mean bone in your body.

We also want to dedicate this newsletter to Poppy Sadface, a Romanian rescue dog, who was loved very much and is very missed.

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »  

Our thanks for this newsletter go out to all of you who have made this month's successful activities possible. We received some amazing donations and help from the most amazing people in the world, and I thank you with all my heart!

In May we were able to do more spay/neuter in Iasi, Tecuci, Botosani, Moreni, Barlad, Ploiesti, Bucharest, and Jilava.We have now supplied seven cities in Romania with educational booklets for in-school animal welfare education of children, including Sibiu, Iasi, Tecuci, Nicoresti, Craiova, Botosani, Baia Mare.In total 4000 educational booklets have been sent to these towns so that they too can teach children that "Compassion is Cool!"Thank you, wonderful and compassionate people who understand the importance of spay/neuter, in-school education, veterinary care, adoption, and veterinary training to help the animals in Romania.

Bless you for all your help,
Nancy Janes,
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.

May was RAR's busiest month as we toured Romania south to north, organising spayathons in eight towns. It was a tremendous effort to ship a lot of equipment for a distance of 800 miles in four stops. We dispatched all our equipment, including autoclave and all our surgical packs, in order to obtain a fast organized surgical service for all the stray animals that were brought to us to be operated. We worked hard to operate on all animals booked for our free spay/neuter service and we were all very happy when the last animal was operated and we finished our day. It is a great feeling to be able to help people that do not want to see any more litters from the stray dogs around their blocks and with your help we can continue to change the life of countless souls. May was RAR's "No More Stray Animal Tour" and you are the ones that made it possible. I hope you will back us up for our future Spayathons throughout Romania.

God bless you,
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, D.V.M

In Botosani »  

Educational Booklets Delivered

On May 21, Carol Byers represented Romania Animal Rescue at a local fine arts school in Botosani. RAR was able to send 1000 educational booklets for in-school education as well as hundreds of bracelets encouraging spay/neuter for children, teens and adults to wear.


Botosani Spayathon Testimonials

"I took my dog to be spayed the second day of the event. It took place inside the Velma Vet clinic. Everything seemed very well organized to me, military style, with circuits, with registration forms and most importantly my dog left the clinic walking on its own. I had to wait two hours but it was only necessary, so that the dog would be confirmed healthy and okay to go home after the surgery by the vet. If anything had seemed not okay to me, I wouldn't have allowed my dog to get the surgery. Like me, not only that no one left but they kept coming in and the vets kept working even after the official schedule had ended for the day."

--Mirica, engineer


"I had previously cared for two dogs that were neutered at local vet clinics. The recovery process took at least one week, they had large scars and even allergic reactions. During the spayathon I managed to get a stray dog from my neighborhood to be spayed. After four days you can't even notice at first that she had a surgery performed on her, that's how small the scar is."

--Ioana, volunteer


Romania Animal Rescue is very proud to be able to help in so many communities of Romania. It is only through the generosity of you, our wonderful donors, that we can provide this opportunity for:
  • Animal welfare,
  • Spay/neuter,
  • Pet care, and
  • Training for vets and school students.
Please help with your support for our continued work in Romania.


In Tecuci »  

Mihaela Raducanu provided this account of our Spayathon in Tecuci. Thank you, Mihaela. Tecuci's appreciation of our Spayathon in this city makes our work there all the more worth it.

Thanks to this wonderful team, Romania Animal Rescue, spayed/neutered 170 dogs and cats in Tecuci in just two and a half days (May 23-26). I want to transmit all good thoughts and gratitude of people from Tecuci to all the donors and volunteers. Thank you for all of the free deworming treatments for the dogs and cats! Thank you to all our foreign volunteers Claudia and Angie from Switzerland, Mary from America (Washington), Bonnie from America (Virginia), Debra from America (Vermont), Maria from Holland, Nancy Janes from America (California), Romanian volunteers Iulia and Lali who brought so many dogs for spay/neuter with their own cars, Marieta, Ela, Oana, and Marcela.

Thank you to our great vets Dr. Aurelian and Dr. Pepe and also to the tech vets Ruth and Cosmina for their wonderful job! Once again we proved that we can make a difference on the streets. Well, thanks to all these wonderful people there are less and less abandoned animals on the streets! We need to continue our mission. We need to continue "Neuter/Spay! No more strays!" Thank you, Nancy Janes, for coming in Romania and helping Romanian animals! God bless all of you!

With gratitude,
Mihaela Raducanu,
The Association for Animals Protection "Tomita" Tecuci

In Jilava »  

Since we have started volunteering for the shelter in Jilava, this was the best day ever. With the help of Nancy James, the Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan and their more than great assistants, we had the ability to spay/neuter 33 dogs--11 males and 22 females. At the end of the day we were all beat and tired, but very happy. We have done great things at this Spayathon. There will be more to come. Thank you all the volunteers involved: Ana Maria Hutu, Sorin Silvestru, Mada Spataru, Madalina (best dog catcher ever), Roxana Chirita.

In Ploiesti »  

RAR was first in Ploiesti last year when we rescued the 30+ dogs and puppies abandoned in a home. Those dogs all made it out for adoption and seven went to a sanctuary in Belgium, as a joint endeavor between Romania Animal Rescue and Romania Animal Aid, UK. Now we are finally able to return to Ploiesti on a monthly basis to provide 50 free spay/neuters each month as our funding allows!

Please donate to help us continue this great work in Ploiesti, Romania! Thank you.

Romanian Stray Dogs of Ploiesti posted this account of our work in Ploiesti with Romania Animal Aid, UK. You can read the original post.

May 29th was a beautiful dream full of hope for us: Nancy Janes and the RAR team, together with Maria Forro from SterilizeDogs, held a sterilization day dedicated to the Ploiesti strays. A total of 35 local animals (28 dogs and 7 cats) benefited from free sterilizations, courtesy of RAR and SterilizeDogs.

Looking back, I realize several great things happened on May 29th. First off, 35 animals were sterilized in a town where sterilizations are in dire need; and surgeries were of top quality, being performed by the highly experienced and conscientious RAR vet team. But what is all the more amazing is that Nancy and Maria honored us with their presence during the sterilization day in Ploiesti. It was humbling to see them working all day in the animal recovery area, constantly monitoring recovering animals and making sure all animals were doing well. It was a long day that involved a lot of cleaning up, carrying, lifting and getting dirty for all the ones involved, but we were all united by a joint feeling of doing something good for the animals. At the end of the day, the feeling was absolutely amazing.

On May 29th, the RAR team sterilized 35 Ploiesti animals. There were people and organizations from USA and Holland that came together at Ploiesti and made this happen. Their presence here gave me hope and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. One day, with their support, the suffering of the Ploiesti strays will subside. With massive ongoing sterilization campaigns, one day, there will be no more puppies born to be abandoned again in Ploiesti. The May 29th sterilization event gave me hope that day will come.

In Moreni »  

The RAR team also was able to go to Moreni again in May to help. We would like to share Anda Popescu's account of the event:

Our dear and kindhearted friends,
We here in Moreni, Romania thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating to Romanian Animal Rescue and making it possible for 50 free spay/ neuter operations to help our stray dogs early this May. This means a lot of unborn puppies won't suffer from the indifference and cruelty of people who don't understand that spaying is the only solution to put an end to this problem. Every time the RAR team lets us know they can help us, we are so grateful to you, our kind donors, to Nancy Janes and her wonderful team of great and devoted doctors.

Over the years, we had to witness so much tragedy involving both puppies and adult dogs. But we always react harder to the loss of small puppies and can never get used to losing them to parvovirus, our worst enemy, hunger, cold, car accidents etc. We are sometimes shocked hearing about people or even kids taking fun in brutally taking puppies' lives with no remorse what so ever. So, every time we get to spay/neuter a stray dog, we are so happy for the puppies that won't get to be born in such a cruel world. People don't see it's not the dogs' fault, but they're own, because, instead of spaying, they choose to abandon and contribute to this never ending tragedy. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of dogs who need to be spayed/ neutered, because people keep dispose of dogs which, from various reasons, don't fit into their families. Just one month after the last free spay/ neuter campaign supported by RAR donors, there are some new stray dogs left in Moreni that need to be helped. But we are proud to say that there are fewer puppies around town and that miracle was made possible by you and by Romania Animal Rescue.

Thank you again for giving us hope and courage to fight for the helpless ones!

Anda Popescu
President of "My dog" Organization

In Other News »  


Ayla, (named after Mihaela Raducanu, the RAR representative from Tecuci), was brought in by the dog catchers to be spayed. She was very thin, and full of oil from cars, burrs and matted hair. The RAR team worked on grooming Ayla. She was so precious and vulnerable, she could not be returned to life on the streets, especially since we found she is deaf!

Pictured left is Ayla enjoying Bonnie's company.

Debra welcomed Ayla to her heart and home, and returned to Vermont with Ayla! Welcome to America, baby Ayla!


The Story of Laika

View this Youtube video animation that rotwolfin posted of Laika, explaining how one dog has the potential to produce 67,000 offspring in just seven years. This project was made by Hanna Mäkinen and Päivi Martiskainen, the animator students of Lybecker for Friends of Homeless Dogs to help with animal protection in Romania.

Animal Spay/Neuter International

Animal Spay/Neuter International takes Romania Animal Rescue's spay/neuter campaign to the international level. Under the D.B.A. name, Animal Spay/Neuter International, we have funded Spay Panama for spay/neuter in Panama, covered the veterinary bills for a dog that was the victim of a rattlesnake bite in California, and provided a cart for a dog from the Dominican Republic.

Testimonials »  

To Romania Animal Rescue,

Adjud is a small town where people pretty much know each other and, just as any other town, is a place where good people and bad people live together.

On Saturday morning, April 28th 2012, Mrs. Dima Aurelia's yard--a doctor who loves the animals beyond words--filled up with lots of dogs and lots of people.

They are good people, who gathered there not because of their religious beliefs, not because of their jobs or profession, but because of their kind hearts and the will to help the suffering dogs around their blocks.

Men and women, young or adults, people who claimed her yard brought with them voiceless animals on their leashes.

It is a Grand Day! Due to Mrs. Dima's efforts and as a result of many volunteers' efforts, Romania Animal Rescue representatives arrive today in the same place where Good Old Ion Roata met Voivode Cuza.

Romania Animal Rescue sent a team of vets to Adjud people who came offering salvation for our dogs: they came to spay/neuter the dogs and then to release them back to their own territories.

In Adjud, as in every other city, people are divided into two big groups, based on their love or hate towards "man's oldest best friend".

The garage is transformed immediately in a "camp mobile surgical hospital" and from early dawn till late in the evening, doggies are brought to be spayed/neutered.

All those doggies were suffering: those poor souls glanced at the world with their tiny sweet eyes, those stray dogs would not go shopping with the little basket carried around their necks, would not bring rum in the mountains to the lost ones, would not pull sleds, but those dogs wait, with hope in their eyes, for a kind word and tremble with fear when some expensive shoes pass near by their frail bodies.

For the people who brought them to the vets on this day, those little four-paws are their beloved friends and companions. This is why these doggies look into their people's eyes not knowing why they were brought here and not understanding what is going on.

One by one, they are anesthetized and then spayed/neutered; there are mixed-breed dogs, big ones or pups, strong or frail ones, females or males, cute or apparently fisty ones. There were 41 dogs.

On Sunday, again, there were other 49 dogs.

We are positive that this is the most appropriate and efficient way by means of which we can stop the breeding of the strays and thus to sign a truce against the abuse and cruelty brought upon them.

The "driving force" behind this spay / neuter action carried on during this weekend was a big heart where all these innocent souls found a place to be loved and cherished.

As hosts, we have only praise words about Romania Animal Rescue representatives.

It was the first time when the stray dogs were spayed / neutered in Adjud, and during these 2 days, 90 dogs were the vet's patients. And it was a great success, because we won't have the chance to meet here Brigitte Bardot or Mickey Rourke.

This gesture means so much for Adjud, because here, the stray unwanted dogs are poisoned.

Very often, on their way to school, children used to find their beloved friends from their blocks "sleeping" on the side of the road due to the "immense love and care" of some neighbor.

If thousands of years ago, some cultures would worship them considering them messengers of the Gods, the "stray urban dogs" of our days only raise violent arguments full of hate.

So, we are more than happy and thrilled you came to help so promptly and for that we are very grateful.

What was achieved during these two days may may seem just a small drop into the ocean, but the ocean is formed by drops and drops.

We kindly ask you to allow the vet team led by Dr. Aurelian Stefan to come back in the near future to Adjud, because there are lots of dogs roaming on the streets, and the caretakers and the animal lovers will be very fast mobilized to bring the animals to be spayed/neutered.

We thank you for your involvement and your support, we congratulate your fantastic work and we want to assure you that we will be amazing hosts for Dr. Aurelian Stefan's team!

We are looking forward for your answer and we hope it will be a positive one!

Signatures of this letter and partners of this event,

  • Dr. Dima Aurelia
  • Berbece Elena, student
  • Mrs. Cuejdianu Victoria
  • Mrs. Tanase Alina-Nicoleta
  • Dima Cristiana, student
  • Mr. Dima Cristian
  • Mrs. Filimon Nicoleta
  • Mrs. Ivan Cecilia
  • Mrs. Ivan Ana, policewoman
  • Mr. David Ion, policeman
  • Mrs. David Dana
  • Mrs. Sprânceana Aurica
  • Mrs. State Elena
  • Mrs. Cristian Ionela
  • Mrs. Pavel Mihaela, professor

Our Thanks »  

Thank you to the local charities and individuals who contacted RAR asking for our help, and to the wonderful international donors who have reached out to help the Romanian animals by alleviating their suffering. And special thanks to international charities who donated to our campaigns this month: Sterilize Dogs NL, Action Aid for Animals UK, and Animal Care Austria (Carol Byers). Thanks to the votes cast for the Romania Animal Rescue charity in the HSUS/HSI Spay Day Photo Contest, we were able to receive a grant to do additional spay/neuters from Humane Society International.

Thank you forever and ever to the wonderful donors and volunteers who traveled to Romania and attended the events in Botosani, Tecuci, Barlad and Ploiesti with me this month. Bonnie, Mary, Carol, Debra, Maria, Mihaela, Lelia, Angi, Claudia, as well as Claudia and her cameraman who drove down from Germany to interview the RAR team in Ploiesti. Last, but not least, thank you to the greatest (and most versatile ever!) team of RAR vets and techs, Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan, Dr. Livioara Rotariu, Ruth Osborne and Cosmina. You are the greatest! Without you there would be no "Neuter or Spay. No More Strays". Bless you fine people everywhere for all your compassion and help.

Love to you,
Nancy Janes,
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)