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Rescue of Ayla

  Rescue of Ayla
Romania Animal Rescue
Special Announcement
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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Debra and Randy Welcome Their New Romanian Puppy to America!

Welcome to America, Ayla! Debra Ries and Randy welcome Ayla to Vermont. Thank you, Debra, for adopting Ayla and giving her a new life worth living.

Debra traveled to Romania and spent much of May volunteering to help a number of individuals and animal welfare charities in Romania. Among them were Brinda Dasha's charity, Eugenia in Suceava, Adriana Hartan, Raluca Simion, and thank goodness Romania Animal Rescue! Debra was with the RAR team in Botosani, and then traveled to Tecuci where she met and fell in love (and visa versa I must say!) with little Ayla, a street puppy that had been brought in to the Spayathon by the dog catchers and was to be returned to the streets.

As it has turned out, Ayla was not only a weak puppy living on the streets, she was also deaf. This little darling never would have had a chance were it not for Debra seeing her, and then opening up her loving heart to yet another soul in need (Debra already has a number of dogs and cats in Vermont).

America welcomes you with open arms to your new home, Ayla! And Debra, Bless YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I wish all of you the very best, and thank you for your support.

Nancy Janes, President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. (United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)


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