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Animal Life Sibiu Needs Help Setting Up a Shelter

  Animal Life Sibiu Needs Help Setting Up a Shelter
Romania Animal Rescue
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Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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Animal Life Sibiu Needs Help Setting Up a Shelter

To support the Animal Life Sibiu clinic, please go to our Donation page and make a donation for "Animal Life Sibiu Shelter", or send a check to either address below.

Here is an update about our situation:

We met with the vice-mayor and she agreed that we should work together and that the city hall should lend us a piece of land next to their own shelter (where our vet is also employed and does the spay/neuter and other procedures for their shelter). The general idea is to work together--we will help out with puppies and adoptions, they will give us the land and possibility to treat / spay / neuter in their "clinic".


The next day we met with city hall representatives and went to see that particular land.

  • It is right next to the city shelter.
  • About 300 sq feet, rectangular shape.
  • It borders the forest
  • Close enough to the city shelter so we can connect to their electricity and water sources.


Now we are waiting to receive from them the exact measures and map of the land so we can go there with the architect and decide the exact layout of the kennels. We will have to consider light and shade and the fact that we will have to level out a part of it because it is a bit of a slope.

Attached is the first lay-out of the shelter which will have to be adapted to the actual surface of land so it will change. For now we know for sure that

  • The project / architect is free of charge (friend of a friend)
  • The land is free
  • Connections to water and electricity are possible so we will save lots of money
  • We will have to make our septic tank though, which will cost pretty much (a few thousand Euros maybe – I still have to check)
  • The very very rough estimation of the needed materials is 5500 Euros which comprises
    • Wood panels to separate each kennel
    • Metal roof
    • Metal poles
    • Fences (around and kennels)
    • Cement
    • Drain tubes


NOT in this calculation included are:

  • the septic tank
  • the labor force (estimation about 3000 Euros)
  • connections to electricity and water
  • various authorizations and papers
  • light system
  • water system (can't be much)
  • dog houses

Calculation is for 15 kennels: 30 - 50 dogs.

For the moment we are stuck waiting for the papers from the city hall. They have to vote for the decision of giving us the land at the end of the month. Without the layout of the land we cannot have the final project, without that we cannot have the exact cost estimations. Unfortunately because of the bureaucracy needed for building it will not be possible for us to do anything on that land probably until February. But we can raise money and prepare everything until then.

Otherwise it is "business as usual" in Sibiu. We try not to take in any more dogs but it is really impossible.

Thank you for everything, we will keep you informed.
Oti, Andreea, Georgi and Co.

We are looking to raise $11,000 to set up this clinic. To support the Animal Life Sibiu shelter, please go to our Donation page and make a donation for "Animal Life Sibiu Shelter", or send a check to the address at the bottom of this page.

Thank you,
Nancy Janes, President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. (United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)