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Newsletter Archive

Fall 2012

  Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter Fall 2012  
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
8000 Morgan Territory Rd.
Livermore, CA 94550

Tax ID: 72-1546354


Tania the Elephant Petition »  

Tania the Elephant

Tania is a 38 year old elephant, the last remaining elephant in a Romanian zoo. We became aware of her situation only recently, although she has been in Romania now for two months. Romania Animal Rescue is hoping that with the help of the international community a sanctuary can be found for Tania to live out her remaining years as an elephant should, not in confinement.

Please join us in signing this petition for Tania's release.
Thank you.



We would like to be dedicate this newsletter to the kitty of Brenda. His name was Onison, who tragically died last week.

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »  

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Friends,

It is with great thanks that we send you this newsletter. You have made what was once deemed as impossible in Romania a reality for so many animals that have not been born to suffer a life of misery. On behalf of them, I would like to thank you with all my heart! But our help does not stop with spay/neuter. Romania Animal Rescue also funds the vet care of countless animals that have been ravaged by car accidents, diseases, and neglect. We are there for the animal lovers who cannot afford services for the animals they care for as our funding allows. These projects, along with our in-school educational booklets for children to learn how to treat and care for animals have made a huge impact in the country of Romania. Along with these outstanding programs, we also sponsor the training of more vets in Romania so they too can start spay/neuter programs in their communities. We are proud to be helping to make animal suffering a thing of the past and this is all thanks to your generous support. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Nancy Janes


Dear Friends,

October was a busy month with us all pushing to spay and neuter as many animals before the freezing temperatures set in and make our work more difficult and also preventing the dogs to recover properly. We answered the calls of shelters within a radius of 600 miles from where we are based and managed to bring a little comfort to the shelter dogs by not having to deal with new pups before the winter. Dr. Tavi Pop from Bistrita county in Transylvania came to train with us after receiving a grant from RAR. We were the the first to encourage him to spay his first female dog ever. After five days with us he returned to his home town and started doing spay and neuter work for the local stray animals. This is a great achievement for both animals and local animal group that from now on will have a trained vet to rely on. You, our friends and supporters make all this happen. You are the ones who help us establish long-term durable animal welfare in Romania by supporting our educational, training and spay and neuter work, which is one-of-a-kind in Romania. Thank you for your wonderful help and for standing by the Romanian animals in need.

God Bless You,
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM


The RAR Map of Romania

Your donations have helped put us on the map. Your support has brought us to each of these towns for one or more of our animal welfare services: Spay/neuter, school education, veterinarian training, veterinary care, adoption, and shelter support.

Thank You!


Spay/neuter procedures funded

Spay/neuter procedures funded in October:

73 in Herculane
75 in Petrosani for GIA
100 in Ramnicu Sarat
45 in Tecuci
25 in Iasi
10 in Bistrita for Asociatia Tora Bistrita


Animal Care »  

Sticker Tumor
YIKES! This poor girl was brought into the Family Vet Clinic in Craiova for spay by Nanu Madalina. She was living and having puppies on the street, with this Sticker Tumor (a sexually transmitted disease that is prevented by spay/neuter). It is treatable with chemotherapy. It costs about US$200 for the treatment.
Please help RAR treat this poor dog with the sticker tumor. Thank you!
Please donate for animal care in Romania

Can You Find the Incision?

Keyhole incision

You have to look closely to spot the incision: a tiny cut between her two teats in the left-hand photo. It is called a keyhole surgery.


Although this type of surgery is relatively new, our veterinarians are already using this technique to spay/neuter animals in Romania. The very small incisions provide some great advantages for the stray animals. There is less discomfort, quicker recovery time, and less risk to infection. What better reason to keep on with keyhole neuter/spay--no more strays!

Rescue Notices »  

Buksi: Rescue of the Month

Buksi's SpaThis dog, Buksi, is our rescue for the month. Buksi's guardian died in a remote village of Romania. Thanks to networking with our friend Oana Popescu from Craiova, Buksi was transported to Family Vet in Craiova for her vaccines and deparasitation to get her ready for departure to the granddaughter of Buksi's deceased guardian, who lives in Los Angeles.
Buksi has cleared her rabies quarantine period, and was transported to Alma Vet in Bucharest. She now lives in Los Angeles with her loving family!

Gizmo and Gracey

GraceyRAR rescued two puppies from a park in Bucharest a couple months ago. Their names are Gizmo and Gracey. Thanks to our friends from Red Panda Romania, they were both adopted into great homes. Gizmo found a wonderful home in Bucharest, and here is Gracey upon her arrival in Holland to her forever home.

Update on Stuart

Braila SpayathonWhere is Stuart now? Many of you may remember little Stuart, found in October of 2010 in Timisoara by a railroad worker. Romania Animal Rescue was contacted for help. We knew Stuart would freeze or starve to death in the winter, so we had to do anything we could to help him. Thanks to wonderful networking, Stuart was rescued and brought to Family Vet in Craiova for caretaking until a home could be found for him. This is a video of him in Craiova with Dr. Aurelian Stefan.
Spay/Neuter News »  

Doubling Up on Craiova Spay/Neuter

We have completed our commitment of 100 free spay/neuters for Sperantu Animale Pentru Craiova for September and October! To celebrate, RAR will be providing 100 more free spay/neuters for this charity in Craiova, as well as 50 free spay/neuters for Madalina Nanu for street dogs in her community in Craiova, and 45 more for Otilia for the dogs and puppies from the Craiova shelter. Thanks to YOUR donations, we are able to do so much good work!
Romania Animal Rescue spays and neuters cats as our funding allows, but this winter we are going to have a cat spayathon! Thank you, Cats on Death Row!

The Bistrita 10 Challenge

RAR is able to sponsor 10 spay/neuter procedures per month for Dr. Tavi, a vet whom Romania Animal Rescue was able to sponsor for training with Dr. Aurelian Stefan at the Veterinary Training Camp last month. Dr. Tavi works for Asociatia Tora Bistrita. He is anxious to help the animals in Bistrita! Romania Animal Rescue is able to sponsor 10 spay/neuters per month for the Bistrita charity, but we would sure like to help more! Please donate if you can! $22 per spay/neuter, and now they have a trained vet thanks to YOUR generous help too!

In Search of a Spay/Neuter Van


So far we have raised only $560, about enough to buy the tires and hubcaps. Help us buy the rest of the van!

It is urgent that we get a new van for the spring.
We have been looking for a new van but the cost of around US$44,70 (about €35,000) is prohibitive. We are now in search of a slightly used van that would cost no more than US$25,600 (about €20,000). Dr. Aurelian Stefan has been donating the use of his car since 2008, and the wear and tear on his car is immense. In order to continue our life-saving spay/neuter program, we will need to have a van to travel the country of Romania. This van will help us improve our projects by having at hand all we need both for staff and animals. Thank you very much.
You can help us with the down payment, and/or with monthly payments as you wish. For anyone who will be kind and generous enough to sponsor for the van, we will post your name on the van, i.e., Thanks to the generous donation by [your name].
Educational Program »  

Ploiesti animal welfare educationPloiesti schools have received the educational booklets. The students are learning about how unspayed dogs can produce more than 67,000 offspring cumulatively over seven years. We also sent a few sample booklets to Bistrita for review by the Mayor. Things are moving along nicely! Thank you so much, Caroline and Mayhew International, UK for your help and to Alex Ionescu in Ploiesti for running this program!
Testimonials and Praise »  

Thank you for your feedbackMany people have sent us praise for the work we are able to do in Romania, thanks to the generosity of our donors. We would like to share some comments people have been sending our way. If you would like to send us feedback, please send an email to Nancy Janes.

 Petrosani Spayathon Petrosani Spayathon Petrosani Spayathon
The following letters are from organizations thanking us for our help with spayathons:
78 spay/neuter procedures done in "Love Animals" shelter in Petrosani. We came back today after three days of hard work especially for Dr. Andreea and Dr. Roxana from Familyvet and Almavet! We will post pictures soon! Thank you very much RAR for your continuous support. Hugs!
Alright RAR team: 73 more spays/neuters, mostly females. Well done job, and thank you, ProPet, for your coordination of this successful event!
Hello! We did it! We want to say thank you very much for RAR Team, to Nancy Janes, Dr. Aurelian. Dr. Irina and Dr. Andreea. Were two days of hard work but worthy. We reached 73 spay/neuter, most of them females (some pregnant). All of the dogs are in a good shape. It was first time when something like this was happened in our city. We have a lot of work to do to change the people's thinking, to make them to believe that is only way to keep strays under control. Once again I want to thank you very much to all of you and thousand hugs from us!
--Asociatia Propet
Message from Toby »  

Thank you, Ruth Osborne, for putting this ad together. Toby had a broken front leg at about 14 weeks old. Although the bone healed, the ligaments in the other front leg are stretched and not as tight as they should be. He is about 10 months old now and is under the care of Speranta Pentru Animale Craiova.
Hi, I'm Toby from Romania
To get me into a nice new home and off the street can cost around US$800 (€500, £500), which doesn't even include the vet fees for repairing my broken leg!
For this amount, Romania Animal Rescue can spay 37 females, which means after 1 year, 576 puppies can be saved from suffering like I have.
Our Thanks »  

Thank you to Frannie who donated her Albion dressage saddle to Romania Animal Rescue so that we can generate funds to help more animals in Romania! Thank you, Vanessa Meerzorg and Kaikoesi Apartments, for your generous offer of free accommodation for our vets and techs who will be going to Suriname to spay/neuter and train vets in your city!

Thank you to all the fabulous Romania Animal Rescue donors! YOU are what makes our work so successful! With your support, we can work miracles ... we already have thanks to YOU!

Thank you to Sterilize Dogs NL for your help with a sponsorship for our spay/neuter work in Tecuci and Ploiesti!

Thank you to Dogs on Death Row and Cats on Death Row for your outstanding grants towards more free spay/neuters in Romania!

Thank you to the Board of Directors of Horses on Death Row for providing $15,000.00 to help the horses in Romania at the sanctuary run by Sara Turetta!

Thank you to the Mayhew Animal Home International for the printing of our educational booklets!

Thank you to Candy and Project Vets for your donation of five boxes of much needed supplies to be sent to Romania for our programs!

Thank you to "Mr. Anonymous", who donated cartons and cartons of HeartGard to Romania Animal Rescue! This was a tremendous and extremely needed donation! RAR has sent cartons to the APAM shelter in Minis, Arad and to Galati for care of the animals and heartworm prevention.

Thank you to ARA, whom Anna Marie, Carla and I met at the No More Homeless Pets conference this month. These kind folks were generous enough to donate two canopy beds and a wire cage for our use in Romania. We hope to work with them in the future to get more canopy beds to Romania!


Thank you to ROMP, San Francisco, for all the amazing donated supplies for us to send to Romania, including two stainless steel cages! Wonderful and very needed supplies!


Well, we are so very fortunate with Animal Spay Neuter International's new project in Suriname! Suriname Airlines has now donated three free tickets for our vets and techs to travel for spay/neuter of 500 dogs and vet training! We have also been offered free accommodation in an apartment in for the duration of the vets and techs stay ... imagine that! Thank you Karin King, Mal Plant, and everyone who has put this together to help the dogs in Suriname! Especially thanks to the ASNI donors!

We will keep you updated about the status of this new venture for ASNI!

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)