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Newsletter Archive

January 2013

  Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter January 2013  
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
8000 Morgan Territory Rd.
Livermore, CA 94550

Tax ID: 72-1546354


New Van Announcement! »  


Our new van is a Renault Trafic. It will be red, and has a 4 year warranty. Dr. A got a van at a 15% discount!

Dr. Aurelian Stefan has been donating the use of his car since 2008, and the wear and tear on his car was immense. With this new van, we can now continue our life-saving spay/neuter program by traveling the country of Romania. This van will help us improve our projects by having at hand all we need both for staff and animals. Thank you very much for your support in funding its purchase.
Bernie, Harry, Oscar, Lotti, Bella, Kafka, Rambo

Sasha, Bernie, Margaret


Bernie, beloved dog of Margaret, who lived to be almost 17 years old. Rest in Peace dearest Bernie! And to Margaret's animal rescue friend Rich, who passed recently, as well as her kitty, who died recently as well. (Bernie on the leash, with Margaret (right) and Sasha (left)

Harry, Oscar

Harry, best pal and love of AJ, you are missed every day! "He was a great dog, the best boy I ever had."
Oscar, the World Woof Tour dog, and love of Joanne's life. Honey, you literally changed the world! We love you Oscar!

Lotti, Bella

To Lotti and Bella, the beloved girls of Anja. First Lotti died, and then out of apparent grief for her friend, Bella passed. A true tragedy.

Kafka, the beloved pet of Ishel Bianco, who was a rescued dog from Romania. You will be forever missed Kafka! (photo not available)


Rambo, the kitty of Alexandra, who adored him. Rest in Peace dearest one.

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »  

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Friends,

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have donated for our projects, some for many years, and now for the purchase of our van! Dr. Aurelian Stefan was able to get a 15% discount, allowing us to get a NEW van instead of a used one, with a 4 year warranty! This will add more and more work for us throughout Romania, and we are looking forward to continuing our life-saving services. Thank you, all of you, wonderful noble people for all your help and support for the Romanian animals!

With love and admiration,
Nancy Janes


Dear Friends,

Romania at the moment is covered in snow and the freezing temperatures make stray animals' life even harder with the shortage of food and water. The good news is that after so many years of hard work we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fewer animals have to endure the harsh winter because there are fewer litters. After more than 18,500 surgeries performed in Romania, we hope 2013 will bring us way above the 20,000th surgery mark. With your help we managed to buy our van that will be delivered in the spring just before the May Spayathon, this which will enable us to be even more mobile and help more animals in the years to come. This all is possible thanks to your generous help and support. Now we can do even more good work for the animals in need. Along with the ambitious intensive spay and neuter plans, we aim to help more animals receive a home after being operated and treated for various conditions such as bad fractures, transmissible venereal diseases, skin disease and many more conditions that would prevent them from being adopted from the streets and given a forever home. All this is achieved with your help and we count on your support to continue our good work.

God Bless You,
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
Veterinary Director,
Romania Animal Rescue/Animal Spay Neuter Int'l
Shor-line representative in Romania


The RAR Map of Romania

Your donations have helped put us on the map. Your support has brought us to each of these towns for one or more of our animal welfare services: Spay/neuter, school education, veterinarian training, veterinary care, adoption, and shelter support.

Thank You!


Spay/neuter procedures funded

Spay/neuter procedures funded in January:

63 in Craiova, Bistrita, Bucharest


Spay/Neuter News »  

How It All Started

FiXiT loves to promote those that are creating solutions for ending overpopulation. Nancy Janes started her non-profit, Romania Animal Rescue (RAR), in 2003, with a goal to spay/neuter as many dogs as possible. Romania's severe dog overpopulation problem was multi-faceted, requiring long-term solutions and thoughtful approaches. At first she met with severe resistance among people. There were those who believed that a female would make a better pet if she had birthed at least one litter. Conversely, they thought male dogs were entitled to have their fun. To combat the idea that pets were happier reproducing, Janes pointed out to her detractors that once the puppies were weaned, they were often disposed of in inhumane ways. Wouldn't it be kinder for the dogs to avoid that situation?
Read the complete article on the FiXiT website.

Christmas is for Cats was a huge success!

100 cats were spayed and neutered by Romania Animal Rescue and our wonderful Santa Claus donor!


World Spay Day 2013
We are providing free spay/neuter in February as part of HSUS/HSI Spay Day. This year we have chosen the group "My Dog has Happy Paws" in Moreni, Romania as the recipient for free spays/neuters! Spay Day is an initiation by Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International to reach throughout the world to get animals spayed/neutered so they will not be abandoned.

Plans for 2013

Our plans thusfar for 2013 are more spays/neuters in the villages, towns and cities of Romania. We hope to return to Bistrita, Adjud, Giurgiu, Bucharest and surrounding villages, Craiova (for the May Spayathon), Moreni, Targoviste, Braila, Radauti and other places as our funding allows. $22 per spay or neuter. YOU can make the difference by ending the cycle of suffering animals! Neuter or Spay! No More Strays!

Please Donate

Romania Animal Rescue will be providing the free spay/neuter of 150 animals in villages surrounding Bucharest for the charity Red Panda. Our Spayathon for cats is almost over: 100 cats have been spayed thanks to your support! Raluca from Red Panda charity in Bucharest would like to say "thank you!" to everyone!

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Donors,
Thank you so much! As soon as the weather allows us and the vets' schedule, we will also organize the spays in the rural area. People are poor there, they do not have enough food for the animals, and the puppies are born and die in bad conditions. People want us to come and neuter, but they would never afford to pay for the surgeries. Sometimes they keep the puppies till they are 2 months old and then they bring them in the forests, and let them die there. Or they drown the puppies immediately after they are born. Lack of education and poverty lead to tough and cruel ways of dealing with the animals. I am sure we will help some animals and their owners also with the spays!

Thank you! We are very grateful to the team and the donors, for making this possible!


More reasons to Spay/Neuter animals: Sticker Tumor

Before Treatment

Sticker Tumor Before Treatment
These graphic photos are very hard to look at, but even harder to endure. Thank you for helping this poor girl!
Thanks to donations this dog has been treated, but spay/neuter would have prevented this horrible disease. Sticker Tumor is a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately in places like Romania, animals are exposed to this horrible torture. Please help us to treat more Sticker Tumors and to spay/neuter more animals! Thank you!

After Treatment

Sticker Tumor Shrunk from Treatment

Help for Puppies and Others

Tecuci Pup
Tecuci Pup
Mihaela Mocanu is one of the finest people I have ever met. We have been working with her on our spay/neuter programs since 2010. She needs help with these puppies, for food,vaccines, and adoptions. Please help if you can and state "for Tecuci pups". Thank you! Mihaela is currently sponsored by ACA to become a veterinarian and will be an RAR vet upon graduation.
Hi, dear friends!
I just got some pictures with four abandoned puppies from Tecuci. I was told they might be about one month old. Our volunteers rescued them from a stormdrain in a snowy and very cold day. Otilia took again these little ones into her place and she is taking care of them too, as always. But she already has 10 cats and 8 dogs and she hardly feeds those. I help her feed them as much as I can, but the donations from 2% are finished and it's very hard to get any help for them. They need puppy food, soon they will need to get their first vaccination and deworming, along with spay/neuter before they go for adoption, and also a good home. Please, good people, help these poor beings. Please, donate a little from what you have to Romania Animal Rescue, so they can help them. I will keep you in touch with them. Thank you very much for your support!
Thank you!
Mihaela Mocanu
Animal Care »  

Lucky's Spine Pain Treated

Once again, thanks to our fabulous donors, we were able to help a number of impoverished citizens care for the treat their animals. Alexandru's dog Lucky had been suffering with spine pain for quite some time. He asked for help from RAR, and fortunately Lucky had a complete exam at AlmaVet clinic in Bucharest and is now on pain medication for her back.

3600 Doses of HearGard Sent to Tomania

Heartgard Donations
600 more doses of HeartGard donated by Romania Animal Rescue arrived at Radauti shelter. Altogether more than 3600 doses of HeartGard have been shipped to Romania. Thank you, anonymous donor, for this wonderful and generous gift of help, along with Previcox and Certifect!
Rescue Notices »  

Two Pups Rescued Near Bucharest

Two Pups Rescued
Romania Animal Rescue also helped Alexander once again with two puppies he found outside of Bucharest. The puppies were brought for treatment and vaccines, courtesy of your donations, and are now in foster care in Bucharest waiting to be old enough for adoption. Thank you for this help!

Kitty Rescue

Kitty Rescued
Lelia, our dearest friend, volunteer and wonder-woman from Iasi, found an abandoned kitty outside of her apartment. She took her in, but the kitty was suffering terribly with vomiting and diarrhea. Lelia asked if Romania Animal Rescue could help her with the costs of treatment. Once again, thanks to your donations, we could help this little one. Many many thanks to you, the kitty is now doing much better and her diarrhea and vomiting have stopped!
Educational Program »  

Prepping for Buhusi

Bucharest Educational Program
Bucharest Educational Program

Romania Animal Rescue, with the help of Alex Ionescu, will be sending 100 booklets to the Mayor and school systems in Buhusi, Romania. They have seen samples of the educational booklets and are very impressed with them! They hope to change and get respect for the animals. We are hopeful that once this educational program gets going, RAR can go into Buhusi for some much-needed spay/neuter! Here is the email from Buhusi:

Mr Fercu is so pleased about the books and he said that three teachers from schools are in love with dogs and they want to help. He said that the three ladies already started the lessons today! They want to educate the kids. If I remember, one teacher made a petition a few years ago to stop killing the dogs in Buhusi because the kids saw the dogs on the streets, dead. So they are ON to that to help.

You can send the books. He said, "Yes, he will help us." They can mediate this in Buhusi!

Message from Toby »  

Thank you, Ruth Osborne, for putting this ad together. Toby had a broken front leg at about 14 weeks old. Although the bone healed, the ligaments in the other front leg are stretched and not as tight as they should be. He is now under the care of Speranta Pentru Animale Craiova.
Hi, I'm Toby from Romania
To get me into a nice new home and off the street can cost around US$800 (€500, £500), which doesn't even include the vet fees for repairing my broken leg!
For this amount, Romania Animal Rescue can spay 37 females, which means after 1 year, 576 puppies can be saved from suffering like I have.
Our Thanks »  

Well, we have been able to do so many marvelous things this month, thanks to so many wonderful people! Thank you to our wonderful donors for helping us with the cost of the new VAN (yippie!!!). Your generosity will help thousands upon thousands of animals throughout the country of Romania by alleviating suffering. Thank you from the bottom (and top) of our hearts! Thank you to Romanians such as Anda Popescu who worked extremely hard to help us raise funds for this van!

Thank you to the donors who have helped us with our continued programs for free spay/neuter and veterinary care for urgent and lingering cases of animal treatment. Thanks to you, we can help thousands of animals and alleviate suffering in so many ways!

Thank you to Lizzy May who has begun a fundraising campaign for Romania Animal Rescue in the UK! You went above and beyond for the animals Lizzy! Thank you so much!

Thank you to our donors who have donated for the costs of printing for our educational booklets, and to Mayhew Animal Home, UK, and Mayhew International for your sponsorship for printing many booklets.

Thank you to the Romania Animal Rescue team of vets and vet techs and our volunteers and staff who do so much great work in Romania! Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan, Dr. Irina Corbu, Dr. Roxana, Vet Technician Ruth Osborne, Cosmina, Lelia, Mihaela and so many others! Thank you!

Thank you Anonymous donor for all the donations of HeartGard, Previcox, Certifect so that we can help the Romanian animals!

Thank you to Sterilize Dogs NL for your support for spaying/neutering!

Thank you to Joanne Lefson for her donation of ROGZ leashes and harnesses to send to Romania.

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)