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Year-End 2013

  Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter Year-End 2013  
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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Tax ID: 72-1546354


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This newsletter is dedicated to:

King Benji of Warwickshire 1999-Dec 7, 2013

BenjiBenji was found on the streets of Sheffield as a puppy. Taken in by the RSCPA, he kept being returned to them for chasing birds, barking at the cat and one owner deserted him while she took a job abroad. I found him on a RSCPA website one night. He was on death row there. That was 12 years ago. I drove up to Sheffield the very next day and booked him. In one week, we had an underweight but cheerful dog as part of our family. Despite his health problems of dysplastic hips, thyroid problems, he carried on leading a full life. He loved swimming, walking and playing with his wiggly giggly toys. He was named King Benji of Warwickshire because he ruled his land - squirrels, birds etc. We also felt that crossbreeds needed a title not just pedigree dogs. He won Star Pet of the Year 2009. In 2013, he was diagnosed with kidney failure far too late. Despite efforts, he was unable to survive for long. He fought his ill health until the end. He still wanted to go around his garden every day despite his back legs being half paralysed due to muscle loss. He died at 8:15 am on the 7th December 2013 after becoming short of breath for three hours. His death was peaceful. He fell asleep and the vet euthanised him. We will miss him forever. With all our love, Rita Pal.


Dear Romania Animal Supporters »  

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Friends,

Thank you once again for allowing us to accomplish yet another extremely successful month of spaying/neutering animals and providing help through education throughout Romania.

Our ongoing non-stop programs are vital to the owners (guardians) of the animals. Since Romania does not have enough qualified vets in communities, and the prices for spay/neuter in the communities that do have good vets are usually prohibitive for poor people to afford, we step up to help.

Let me tell you how our work is special and unique:

Our programs help the caretaker animals and shelter animals, those that have a place to return to for aftercare. We do not pick up animals from the streets with dog catchers. We have no dog catchers in our employ. We provide a service to help impoverished people spay/neuter and provide veterinary treatment for their animals to stop abandonment at its source: The offspring of owned animals that, without our help, would otherwise be subject to abandonment. We provide free spay/neuter for shelter animals to alleviate this cost burden on the shelter staff so that they may concentrate on the other finances for running a shelter as well as keeping the population of shelter animals to a minimum.

RAR's mission is to stop the stray animals at their source, to stop abandonment of unwanted puppies and kittens. We do not contract with cities to spay/neuter all their street dogs, as we know from others' experience that contracts can be broken. Therefore we work with the people who care about the animals, who will see to their aftercare. Good people such as the shepherd in Vatra Dornei who thanked RAR profusely for spaying his 7 working female dogs, stating "I am tired of having to drown the puppies." We provide a service to charities and individuals who ask for our marvelous team to help them, and they then arrange for the number of animals to be brought to our mobile clinics. We help by training vets for communities so that they can start their own "at home" spay programs, as we recently did for a vet in Ploiesti.

In addition to this, we provide education with books throughout many towns in Romania, and our education program is expanding. Some of these education programs are in towns such as Buhusi and Vatra Dornei, where there is no qualified spay vet for the public. As our education books teach the importance of spaying to the community, we then follow up with regular visits to provide that service as well, so that the circle is complete.

What makes RAR unique is our help for those who need it the most: The impoverished citizen who does not want to have to make the choice to kill the puppies or abandon them to the streets or forests. Abandonment must stop if we are to save the strays from being born.

Our ongoing campaigns in Craiova, Tecuci, Moreni, Buhusi, Vatra Dornei, Bucharest, Iasi and now hopefully Braila will continue as always with our often monthly visits to most locations to provide free spay/neuter for the public that requests our help. We will also be answering to the immediate pleas for help such as the Mission of Mercy campaign, and next month in Suceava where RAR has been asked to please come and spay 250 dogs for the impoverished citizens there to stop the abandonment.

I wish you a very Happy Holiday and a glorious New Year! Thank you for being there for the animals. They need your help and compassion. Bless you good people!

With love and the highest respect,
Nancy Janes



Dear Friends,

Winter has covered entire Romania and we have already had temperatures below freezing point. This makes survival of young pups even more difficult and this is where our work is aiming: Spaying and neutering on a daily basis so that fewer pups have to endure the cold and the snow blizzards. For this we established a winter headquarters in our clinic where animals can recover in a comfy warm dry place and where human guardians can have a warm drink.

We have managed to continue our monthly visits to the towns that we have helped throughout the last years like Tecuci, Ramnicu Sarat, Braila and Moreni. We have also jumped in to help the overcrowded shelters and give the dogs we spayed a ticket for freedom as they could leave the shelter once sterilised.

We are also thinking of the future by training more young vets who will carry on the torch of the fight against pet overpopulation. It is the cause of all suffering and pain in the poor innocent souls that are born to have an uncertain future. We the RAR dream team are happy to know that you support us as and that we can count on your help to continue our work for the animals.

Thank you for your help,
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
Veterinary Director,
Romania Animal Rescue/
Animal Spay Neuter Int'l


Spay Day at Speranta Shelter

The RAR Map of Romania


Your support has brought us to each of these towns for one or more of our animal welfare services: Spay/neuter, school education, veterinarian training, veterinary care, adoption, and shelter support.

Thank You!


Spay/neuter procedures funded

RAR funded spayathons in:

Cornetu (for the Mission of Mercy)
Ramnicu Sarat

730 for December


23,120 OVERALL!


Newsflash »  


While the RAR team was in Vatra Dornei, a shepherd brought in his seven female dogs for our free spay/neuter. This gentle and kind man told Lelia, our program coordinator in Vatra Dornei:

"Thank you for sterilizing my dogs for me. I could not afford this and there is no vet here. I am tired of drowning the puppies."

We at RAR thank YOU for enabling us to help this kind shepherd.

World Spay Day

World Spay Day

RAR will join World Spay Day in February 2014.


Creative Thank You

Grateful Donor Poster

A group of grateful citizens made this poster for RAR, in appreciation of our work. Thanks to you, our donors, we are able to help so many! An English translation of the poster is:

Thank you for the thousands of sterilized animals!

RAR means: Sterilization campaigns in cities and rural areas; educational projects in schools for proper training programs for vets, and nurses for medical help; food for dogs and cats; and donations of veterinary equipment and drugs!

Sterilization Is Solving!


180 Dogs Shelter

71 at 180

71 dogs that were deemed healthy enough for spaying/neutering were provided free surgery at the 180 dogs shelter, thanks to your support and donations.


ASNI news

Animal Spay/Neuter International will be sending our world-class veterinary "Dream Team" to Portugal in January. Please donate to ASNI so we can spay/neuter in Portugal.


Spay/Neuter Update »  

Another Free Spay

This little yellow one was dumped on the streets because she was going to deliver a new litter of puppies. The young owner came after several days to feed the dog. She was not allowed to keep the dog at her house because the dog was pregnant again. Thankfully a girl and her Mom intervened, and took the dog to the vet so it could be spayed. Now that the dog will no longer give birth the young owner was allowed to bring the dog back home.


December Sperantu Spayathon


Where Do We Go from Here?

We have visited a number of cities and towns in Romania over the past seven years, and we will continue to do so. ONLY spay/neuter will prevent animals from being born to face abandonment, suffering and killing. The following is a list of where your donations will take us.


Romania Animal Rescue is hoping to continue our great spay/neuter work in Craiova as long as there are animals in need. We also provide free veterinary care as our funding allows for treatments of countless animals.

To date we have spayed/neutered over 4000 animals in Craiova free of charge for the community. Please help us in Craiova to provide more more more spays if you can, and thank you!

Support Craiova


RAR is also hoping to continue our monthly spay/neuter program in Tecuci for free spays/neuters. This program was initially launched in 2010 with a Spayathon for 632 animals, and has now surpassed 2300 free sterilizations for the community. Imagine that! But we need more help to be able to continue this program, if you would be so kind. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Support Tecuci


RAR has been asked to sponsor up to 100 free sterilizations each month in Moreni. We have already done numerous spay campaigns in this town, and hope to continue to do so as to keep the population of unwanted strays from being born and abandoned, where they face starvation, disease and extermination.

Support Moreni

Next Year

We will be going to Suceava and will return to Vatra Dornei, Buhusi, Moreni, Tecuci, Craiova, Bucharest, and possibly Braila. We also have a spay event planned for our friend in the Giurgiu region for her animals and those of her friends.

In the spring, we will return to Buhusi and Vatra Dornei as well to provide more help for these charming communities. Thank you for your ongoing help and support!


Animal Care »  

Dear RAR donors,

It has come to our attention that there is a need for emergency help to fund basic feeding programs for charities with whom we work and trust. Since our funds are so limited, we cannot sustain long-term feeding programs. We have been focusing on preventing the births of animals to starve, suffer, be thrown in shelters with disease, etc. We would like to help these groups until they can find a permanent solution to this problem. Please find it in your hearts to donate to these dogs until the charities in Romania can fund the feeding program on their own.

Feed the Dogs


A donor has set up a $250 matching contribution. For every dollar we raise, this donor will contribute a matching amount, up to a total of $250.


Star: The Tar Dog

Star the Tar DogStar the Tar Dog
Star before

A dog was brought into the clinic covered in tar and was sedated for her spay surgery. Nancy, Lelia and I worked on her all afternoon to remove the tar, using warm water, oil, mayonnaise, automotive degreaser, dish detergent and finally scissors. Even though she woke up from the sedation during the process, she never fussed, and she seemed content to let us work removing the tar as best we could. She rested for a day or two from this trauma before her spay.

In recovery, it was discovered that she had two broken hips. In spite of all this, she remained a sweet little spirit, appreciative of a kind word or scratch on the head. Dr. A and his wonderful staff agreed to care for her orthopedic needs, and Sperantu promised her a place in the country. We had to return home, and through the bars of her cage at the clinic and tears in my eyes, I promised her I would not forget her. For a while we got reports on her progress, then, what seemed to me an eternity, silence. I could not forget this little dog that, in spite of such odds, had shown such a will to survive.

Star the Tar Dog
Star, Caroline and Vulpe

In November word came that she was available for adoption. Within two weeks Star arrived at Dulles Airport. It was the Friday before Thanksgiving when we got her! She is a marvelous, if not perfect, dog. I expected a dog that could not go on walks or jump onto the couch or bed. I received a dog that can run like the wind, and has learned that couches are comfortable, and jumping on the bed to tangle with her new playmates, Caroline and Vulpe, is fun. In just a few weeks she has learned to sit for treats, walk on a leash, and break out of her crate. She sings and dances for her supper. She is smart and affectionate and at the same time shy and timid. Star loves life. She is rapidly becoming integrated into a family of two humans, two other dogs and two cats. I named her Star after the starfish story.

Working in Romania with RAR is difficult and emotionally draining and oh, so fulfilling. I believe we are making a big difference there. And, while I know in my heart we can't save them all, I also know I can make a difference to this one. I wouldn't have it another way.

--Bonnie Siddons

Star the Tar Dog
Star now



Sandy Sandy
Sandy in NYC

Sandy has been with us for 4 weeks and now and has won our hearts. It's hard to believe that this little 4 month old pup had a 2-day journey to New York and greeted us with such joy! Sandy is a curious terrier mix who loves running, playing, going for long walks on the trail. In a nutshell, Sandy is loving life:) She is also very silly and a kissing machine!! I am still in touch with the wonderful young lady who found and cared her. The world needs more people like her! I cannot imagine this sweet little dog out in the streets without a family to love her.

I am also grateful for you Nancy, Analese, and everyone else who made this possible. I always helped RAR by donating money, not realizing that it was possible to rescue one of these sweet souls. You and your wonderful colleagues made all the arrangements down to the very last detail. All I had to do was pick her up at the airport. You are all simply AMAZING! I hope and pray that others will see this and consider this as well. Sandy is the best birthday gift I've ever received.

Thank you,

1200 Doses of Heartgard Sent Out

Shipment of Heartgard
Shipment of Heartgard

1200 doses of Heartgard sent out to be shared in Romania. Some doses were sent to Iasi, some to Bucharest and some to Switzerland to accompany shipments to Romania so that they could get through customs



Education Booklets »  


Mariana Educational Booklets

Puppies from the community are often thrown over her fence. She was given 100 educational books to start an educational campaign in the local schools to teach spay/neuter and stop abandonment!


Buhusi Educational Booklets Buhusi Educational Booklets

Vatra Dornei

WE CARE campaign: Teaching the children in celebration of animals.


Radauti Educational Booklets Radauti Educational Booklets

Education booklets were sent to the town of Radauti. They were taken to a home for handicapped children who care about animals. These children were also abandoned. They were so very happy to receive the books. Thank you Caroline.

Vatra Dornei Educational Booklets

Education in public schools really reaches the students!

Thank you to the wonderful people in these communities who are motivated to get the message out to the young people! Education is key, and with our follow up free spay/neuter campaigns in these communities the circle is complete.

Thank you to Mayhew International for sponsoring the printing of educational books, and thank you to donors for sponsoring free spay/neuter for impoverished peoples animals to stop abandonment.

$1.79 will fund the cost of printing one book--and the benefits are priceless!

Print More Books


Why Braila? »  

Alexandra, or Mama
Mama on the Janes ranch

RAR is pleased to announce that we have returned to Braila and provided 88 free spays/neuters for the citizens so less puppies and kittens would be abandoned. Why Braila? Nancy has had past experiences there, and it has been RAR's goal to return again. Here is her story:

I spent a lot of time in Braila in the "old days" pre-Dream Team. The situation there was so very very sad. I used to feed the dogs at the train station and one day a lady came, yelled at me, and spat at me. I thought, "Lady, you just don't get it do you?".

I was walking down the sidewalk and found a kitten who was paralyzed. I picked her up. She looked like a ball on sticks. Well that "ball" was her bladder full of urine. Heaven only knows how long it had been since she had been able urinate. Someone just put her on the sidewalk and walked away. I took her to the vet. This "vet" told me he would not put this kitten to sleep. He told me to put her back where I had found her: On the sidewalk. I was furious. I took the kitten back to Bucharest with me with the hopes to find a decent vet. Well of course the vet in Bucharest wanted to do x-rays, vaccines, etc. (all for the money), on a cat that could not move at all. I met a lady in the waiting area and told her what was wrong with the cat.

She said, "I will take the cat, I have handicapped cats at home". I told her I was not sure the cat should be released as she was completely immobile. The lady told me she would work with her for a few days and if she did not recover she would have her p-t-s.

The vet then came over to us and introduced us. He told me that it must have been fate for this lady to be there then. That she was a sound, reasonable woman with plenty of funds to care for handicapped animals, and that she would do the right thing for the kitty. Well, I gave her the kitten. I doubt that the little kitten made it, but at least we tried.

This is why going to help in Braila is so important to me: Too much suffering, not enough wisdom or compassion. The "vets" in Braila would not keep any animals after surgery for recovery. My friend, Daniela, borrowed a broken down van to keep them in. We would go there and clean it every day. One day one of the dogs was ill. We found it had distemper. This meant that all dogs that had been in that van had been exposed! It also meant we could no longer use the van for recovery. What a nightmare!

Another time I was in the waiting area of the "vet". I heard screaming from the exam room and went back to ask what was wrong. There I saw a dog with a horrible ear infection. One vet was holding him down and the other was scraping pus out of its ear. I asked will you please give that dog some anesthesia. The vet replied, "Mrs. Janes, I could do that for you because you can afford to pay me. The other people here cannot afford to pay me. So it is not fair that this dog not suffer and others do." He was kind of laughing at my horror. It was like being in the Twilight Zone for me, a surreal movie.

A mama dog and her puppies were in danger of being poisoned. Daniela moved them to the city dump for safety. I went there to see them and help feed them. One of the puppies was so very weak. Daniela said not to feed him, save the food as he would be dead the next day. I said I can afford to buy more food! I fed him, he ate. The next day he was dead. I contacted my friend in Germany to see if the puppies could go to her. She said yes. I contacted my friends in the USA and one told me she would host the whole family.

No one wanted mama dog as she was feral and kind of nippy. I took mama dog home with me a few weeks later. She is now known as Alexandra, or Mama. She is the sweetest dog ever. Happy ending to a miserable story--for that family.

Braila Spayathon Braila Spayathon
Photos from the Braila spayathon in early December, 2013

This is why I am so very pleased Romania Animal Rescue has returned to help in Braila. Our plan is to make Braila a regular destination for help now. Can you please help us to achieve this goal? The animals need us so very very much. Neuter or Spay them! Keep them from suffering the fate of being born! If you would like to help us spay more animals in Braila, or help our other campaigns to stop the suffering and killing, please donate to Romania Animal Rescue,; Paypal: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you!

Braila Spayathon
Braila Spayathon
Photos from the Braila spayathon in early December, 2013


Dr. Aurelian Stefan Is Wolfsfreund's Spokesman »  

Here is a translation (from German) of a letter announcing Dr. Aurelian Stefan as the Wolfsfreund spokesman:

Wolfsfreund banner

Dear Wolfsfreunds (Wolf Friends),

We received many correct responses, and almost everyone knew the correct answer: Dr. Aurelian Stefan! He is now our official Wolfsfreund spokesman. The use of animals in need is a labor of love for Wolfsfreund. Looking for a partner and veterinarian whose work one can only admire and support, we quickly came across ASNI (Animal Spay/Neuter International). The vet, Dr. Aurelian Stefan, is the medical director of ASNI who works on castration projects worldwide. As one of the few animal welfare organizations, ASNI was awarded the independent "Charities Seal of Excellence". After rigorous criteria with this honor awarded to this animal welfare organization, which, among other things, met the requirements in terms of reliability, effectiveness and cost transparency. Dr. Stefan has already planned numerous world projects for the castration of stray animals, expertly carried out with his team. In addition, he helps poor families in the treatment of their pets.

We find such an immeasurable commitment and tireless dedication deserves our full support. Fortunately, the sympathy was mutual. :-)

"Looking for a company that has an ear for dogs in need, we quickly found Wolfsfreund, and became aware of their products," says Dr. Stefan. "A first interview showed that you have common attitudes to dog and animal welfare, so that cooperation was obvious. The employees of Wolfsfreund were thrilled by what ASNI provides the world for dogs and their owners, and have directly pledged to support us. Conversely, I was personally impressed by the stringent philosophy and the desire to make really good food for dogs. The dog originated from the wolf, so is raw feeding grain-free is the best form of nutrition for every dog. CORF menus of Wolfsfreund are convenient for the owner, to feed dogs a balanced and species-appropriate diet."

Wolfsfreund is very happy to have won such a dedicated animal and human friend like Dr. Stefan as a spokesman for our products. We highly appreciate the work of ASNI and believe that spay/neuter is the only long-term way to reduce animal misery in the world.


Message from Toby »  

Thank you, Ruth Osborne, for putting this ad together. Toby had a broken front leg at about 14 weeks old. Although the bone healed, the ligaments in the other front leg are stretched and not as tight as they should be. He is now under the care of Speranta Pentru Animale Craiova.
Hi, I'm Toby from Romania
To get me into a nice new home and off the street can cost around US$800 (€500, £500), which doesn't even include the vet fees for repairing my broken leg!
For this amount, Romania Animal Rescue can spay 37 females, which means after 1 year, 576 puppies can be saved from suffering like I have.


Our Thanks »  

Dear RAR donors and friends, Look at what we have been able to accomplish thus far! Over 23,000 free spays/neuters, keeping potentially thousands if not millions of animals from being born to suffer, be abandoned, and possibly killed. We have done this as a team, you and the RAR Dream Team! We have treated thousands of animals who have been brought into the clinics or to our campaigns for broken bones, massive injuries from trauma. We have treated animals that were suffering from reproductive tract infections, some life-threatening. All this thanks to YOU! We have trained vets in Romania who can then return back to their communities and spay/neuter for the locals as well. We have provided 13,000 education books on animal welfare and humane treatment and the importance of spay/neuter, all thanks to you (and Mayhew International sponsoring the printing). So, as 2013 comes to a close, we are extremely grateful to each and every one of you for your continued support. We have a tough road ahead of us, as we always have, but with your ongoing support we have moved mountains and will continue to do so.

Thank you with all our hearts! (So that we do not miss any donor names and for your privacy, we do not list donors or donation amounts.)

Thank you to Sterilize Dogs NL for your continued support for the spay events in Tecuci.

Thank you to Caroline and Mayhew International for the sponsorship of printing of educational booklets.

Thank you to Project Vets for your donations of supplies.

Thank you to our anonymous donor for the donation of HeartGard.

Thank you to WVS (World Vet Services) UK for the donation of supplies.

Thank you to Dr. Richard Bachman for supplies.

Thank you to the DREAM TEAM of Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International vets, techs, program coordinators! Thank you to Suzy Morris for your volunteer work with receipts.

Onward and upward to 2014!

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)