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Spay/Neuter Update

Our spay / neuter procedure funding exceeds 34,000! We have sponsored 8846 spay/neuter procedures in 2014. Please consider donating to Romanian spay/neuter programs with RAR!




TOTAL: 34,041

Craiova Spayathon, 2011-2013

1400 dogs and cats were spayed/neutered in 10 days. 17 puppies were adopted to Vienna, and a 3 dogs were adopted by volunteers from America.


Bucarest Spayathon, 2010

Support more spay events.

Our main goal is to spay/neuter street dogs to prevent the birth of puppies. We have joined forces with Dr. Aurelian Stefan, and given him a caravan with vet supplies to travel to towns and rural areas in Romania to offer free spay/neuter to the animals. Almost all of the animals have care givers, and they willingly bring dogs, cats, horses, cows, burros to the free "clinic" for care. RAR pays Dr. Aurelian $29 per spay/neuter, vaccination. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to donate Frontline, Revolution, and Advantix.

Next, we send US vets to do mass spay/neuter and train Romanian vets on spay/neuter procedures in Romania. Most Romanian vets are not skilled surgeons, and cause great harm to the animals. Our vets teach the best techniques for surgeries. We also get a large number of local citizens to bring their animals in for treatment by the American vet! Each American vet program (2 per year) costs $6000, but the training they provide and the spay/neuter procedures they perform make it a very good and cost-effective investment.

Tecuci Spayathon, 2010

In addition to these surgeries, RAR has funded deparasiting medicine, animal transport, vaccinations, and veterinary supplies.



When 80% of the street animals are sterilized, we will have achieved zero population growth.