Animal Tales for
Fall 2019


Greetings, Everyone!

Doggie Love

We are very pleased to begin this newsletter by letting you know that thanks to your support, we are approaching 80,000 spays and neuters. As of October 1, our total is:


That is 77,775 puppies and kittens that will never be born into a world that cannot sustain them! Thank you so much to the fabulous Dream Team of vets, techs, volunteers and incredible donors who make this amazing mission viable. The mighty Spay Shuttle is reaching more communities and remote villages to bring animals into the Center of Hope for spay and neuter, deparisiting and veterinary care.



Dog going to spayathon

2So many great campaigns to share. We're just going to show you some photos of the great work being done thanks only to public support! Please continue to help these vital missions. RAR/ASNI set the standard of care in Romania to the highest, and due to our massive numbers of spays and neuters we are still able to do each surgery at the minimal cost of $25. Your support saves lives from ever knowing suffering!

Spayathon visiting area

Holding two dogs for spayathon

Spayathons are for cats as well

Bulgaria Spayathon

Bulgaria Spayathon

Bulgaria Spayathon

Bulgaria Spayathon


RAR/ASNI in the Media

Hope of Deliverance

Sir Paul McCartney and MPL have once again granted permission for RAR/ASNI to use the song "Hope of Deliverance" for our videos and work. This song really touches the team, and expresses the feelings we all have that hope dies last.

Here is our latest video designed by Rob Cole with photos by Frank Goralski taken during the Hope Tour 2019.


Homeless Animal Hospital

Children with dog at Center of Hope

We are currently in the process of fundraising to purchase eight intravenous pumps to treat more and more parvo puppies that come to the clinics on a daily basis. These pumps release exact doses 24 hours a day of the vital fluids that help the puppies survive. While we are also providing free vaccines for the poorest animals, many have never had a vaccine, either due to their owners not understanding the importance, or other reasons. Once this dreaded disease takes hold, it is almost surely a death sentence for those who cannot get treatment. Please support our mission to be able to treat more parvo pups.

Dog at Center of Hope

Puppy at Center of Hope

Young dog at Center of Hope

Cat at Center of Hope

Food Campaign

RAR purchased monthly food for Marius's shelter for the months of April through October. This campaign is quite costly for us, so we are once again reaching out to you, our fabulous supporters, to help us finance this help for the 200 dogs at Marius's shelter. The cost is €1000 each month, which is much more than our donations sustain for food. We are seeking "monthly donor commitments so that we can sustain this help. Nancy has also reached out to numerous other sources for help. Thank you for your help.

Marius with a dog

Marius with a dog

Dog at Marius's shelter

Veterinary Training Camp

Two new veterinarians are receiving training by the expert team at the Center of Hope, thanks to sponsorships by Bonnie Siddons (RAR Board Member) and the Olive Walker Estate Trust. Adriana Ionescu and Daniel Barbu are veterinarians who will be joining the Dream Team once their training is complete.

Training Adriana

Training Daniel

Hope Mobile Clinic

HOPE mobile clinic hit the road to reach local communities near the Center of Hope with Dr. Aurelian Stefan. Hope was also used in the Hope Tour 2019, a project of Frank Goralski and Ruth Osborne, which reaches many villages (2500 km, 1550 mi) throughout Romania. The tour provided spay/neuter, education, deparasiting and veterinary care for animals that otherwise would never see a veterinarian. We were thrilled to lend HOPE for this mission and to have our team of veterinarians and technicians join in the campaign.

HOPE mobile clinic




You may recall from our Spayathon in Focsani last Spring that a young dog with a Sticker Tumor was brought in for help. She received four doses of chemo for her sexually transmitted tumor. Our volunteer Barrett fell madly in love with this girl, now named Pita. Well, Pita has found a home in Sweden!

Nancy was contacted by a woman, Susan, on tour in Romania. Three puppies were dumped at the Pele's castle. The director was contacted and it was found out that six, not three pups, were abandoned there, a few of whom were very ill. The Spay Shuttle traveled to pick them up and brought them to the Center of Hope for treatment. Sadly, it was too late for three of the puppies that had succumbed to parvo. Three more have survived and thrived, and are now set to be adopted in Colorado as soon as they are old enough to have their passports done. Meet Snowflake, Acasa, and Holly.





Thank You

Thank you for your support

We would like to thank all of our wonderful donors for supporting our programs in Romania.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

Nancy Janes
Dr. Aurelian Stefan

These animals were helped because of the generosity of people like you who support us. We can continue to improve the lives of animals like the ones mentioned here, but only with your help.