Animal Tales for
Spring 2019


Greetings, Everyone!

Doggie Love

We hope you all are enjoying the Spring flowers and better weather. So much has been happening with RAR and ASNI. Please read through our newsletter that we hope you will enjoy. Your support is how we have been able to do any work for the animals. The Center of Hope is running at full speed. This requires more funding as more and more animals enter the Homeless Animal Hospital program. Please consider helping us with a donation and share this newsletter with your friends. Thank you. So far this year our visitors from the USA included Suzy Alexander, who went to Romania and Bulgaria to volunteer, and Bonnie Siddons, Barrett Shaffer, and Rory and Nancy Janes, who all volunteered in Romania.



Spay/Neuter, dog in a carry-all

2674 dogs and cats have been spayed and neutered so far in 2019. Our total as of April 30 is: 74,458. That is 74,458 animals that will never reproduce puppies and kittens. They will not be born to a miserable life as there are just not enough homes.

Spayathon visiting area

No suffering from abandonment, terrible diseases, starvation, being hit by cars, or imprisoned for life in inadequate shelters. Your donations achieved this! Each one of these animals could have reproduced hundreds more animals. Individual donors like you make our spay/neuter program successful. Our hope is to reach 100,000 spay/neuter procedures by 2021. Will you help us reach this goal?

Spayathons are for cats as well

Our international outreach took us to Bulgaria and Moldova. It was our 8th trip to Bulgaria where we have now spayed and neutered 1534 animals.


Our first trip to Moldova allowed our team to see the extreme need there. Dr Aurelian Stefan said it looks like Romania 30 years ago. Our team drove 9 hours to help in this very poor country. 120 animals were spayed and neutered. We would like to return again this year if donations will allow.

RAR Mobile Campaign

Please see this video from a mobile campaign that describes how Animals are prepped for spays:

Bulgaria Spayathon

Bulgaria Spayathon


RAR/ASNI in the Media

Center of Hope

Dogs Today UK Magazine introduced our work to their readers in their May issue. 3 pages were dedicated to us.

Comforting a dog

Marathon celebration

In other news, Dr Aurelian Stefan was accepted to run the London Marathon for Animal Spay and Neuter International! And he finished!!

Dr. Aurelian on set for the MedikaVet TV show

Fast track back to Romania, the day after the Marathon Dr Aurelian was on the air on MedikaVet TV show. This weekly television program stars Dr. A., who hosts this call-in venue to help more animals with his "ask the vet" segment. He always talks about the importance of spay and neuter!

RAR/ASNI is also active as ever on social media. If you haven't yet liked our pages, please check us out and follow us:





Rosie was abandoned to the streets in Tecuci. She was infested with fleas and also has terrible allergies. She's an elderly girl with a bossy attitude and was hard to home. Rory Janes opened his heart and home to yet another dog. She is the 9th Romanian Dog for the Janes. She now lives in California.

We have wonderful adoption partners that help place sweethearts in great homes. Mandy Easter and Suzy Alexander set the process in motion when a home placement is needed. Romanian Dogs R Us, UK, Rommies Rescue Sussex, UK, Labrador Retriever South East, UK, and our friend Annie have welcomed Romanian dogs.


Thor is the black lab mix who was living in a cemetery with a broken leg and eye worms. He was welcomed into Center of Hope under our Homeless Animal Hospital program. Mandy found him a great place with Labrador Retriever South East.


You may remember Cleo, as thanks to your support we were able to help her after she was found on the side of the road with broken legs. Cleo went to Romanian Dogs r Us thanks to Suzy who asked Chris for help and sponsored Cleo's transportation costs.

Brownie, aka Daisy

Brownie (now Daisy) was found by Cristina near a busy road. Daisy had a broken back. Cristina brought her to the Center of Hope for care. Daisy was terrified of human touch. She was treated for a urinary tract infection and a super home was found for her with our dear friend Annie in Wisconsin who is a specialist with disabled dogs. Brownie was a recipient of free care under our Homeless Animal Hospital program.


And last but not least Boris found a loving home in the UK thanks to Mandy connecting him with Lisa's Rescue Group Rommies Rescue Sussex. Boris was rescued with a broken leg by Doina who found out about him on Facebook. Boris had been lying in the side of the road for 3 days with a broken leg. Homeless Animal Hospital welcomed him into our program. As you can see, Boris is fitting in well to the UK life.


Homeless Animal Hospital

Homeless Animal Hospital

Our Homeless Animal Hospital program serves the poorest of the poor.

Homeless Anmal Hospital patient

Animals that would otherwise have no chance of veterinary treatment.

Homeless Anmal Hospital patient

It is the first of its kind program for Romanian animals. And it's very costly.

Homeless Anmal Hospital patient

While we work constantly to provide spay and neuter to stop the source of suffering before it starts, we must help those already born.

Homeless Anmal Hospital patient

So many animals come to the Center of Hope and Family Vet or to our mobile campaigns with broken bones, diseases, skin problems.

Homeless Anmal Hospital patient

Here are some photos of animals we've received.

Homeless Anmal Hospital patient

Your support is vital for this program to continue.

Homeless Anmal Hospital patient


Thank You

Thank you for your support

We would like to thank all of our wonderful donors for supporting our programs in Romania.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

Nancy Janes
Dr. Aurelian Stefan

These animals were helped because of the generosity of people like you who support us. We can continue to improve the lives of animals like the ones mentioned here, but only with your help.