Focus on S-A-V-E

We are on a mission to improve the welfare of all dogs and cats and help reduce the overpopulation of stray animals.

There is no one solution for this complex problem. Our multi-faceted approach stems from our belief that only by combining prevention and treatment with education and training, we can achieve better and more sustainable results.

Why Romania

We have helped in several countries around the world to provide excellent veterinary care to disadvantaged communities. We have helped: Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Greece, India, Panama, Portugal, Surinam, UK, and USA.

World map of Animal Spay/Neuter International services

Most of our work takes place in Romania. The ex-communist country is one of the poorest in Easter Europe. An acute lack of veterinary services and wide spread poverty coupled with corrupt and inefficient animal control management make Romania home to an ever increasing stray population topping 2 million dogs. The map below shows all the communities we have reached so far. View a list of all the cities/town/villages that we have reached.

Map of Romania counties where Romania Animal Rescue has provided service
Romanian Communities We Have Helped
Adjud, Adunații Copăceni, Arad, Bacau, Bacu, Baia Mare, Barlad, Bistrita, Botosani, Braila, Brazov, Brezoaiele, Bucharest, Buftea, Buhusi, Buzau, Carei, Cernavoda, Clinceni, Cluj, Comanesti, Corbii Mari, Cosoba, Craiova, Cretesti, Danciulesti (Gorg), Deveselu, Focsani, Frumusani, Gaesti, Galati, Gherla, Giurgiu, Glina, Goiesti (Dolj), Harsova, Hateg, Herculane, Hobaia, Ianca, Iasi, Jilava, Lipia, Mangalia, Miroslava, MitreniMoreni, Nicoresti, Odobesti, Oradea, Panciu, Parlitu, Petrosani, Ploiesti, Plopeni, Popesti, Predeal, Racoasa, Radauti, Ramnicu Sarat, Reghin, Rosiori de Vede, Sadova (Dolj); Sibiu, Sighetu, Silistea, Sintesti Slatina, Snagovului, Suceava, Suplac, Tantava, Targoviste, Tecuci, Tg. Frumos, Tg. Jiu, Tg. Neamt, Timisoara, Tulcea, Tunari, Turda, Vânători,Vatra Dornei, Vidra and Visina. 

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