Highlight: 100 dogs/cats were spayed or neutered

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Bulgaria, March 2017

Highlights: 4 days, 210 dogs/cats have been spayed/neutered!

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 Highlights: 100dogs and cats were spayed/neutered


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Sunday Spay Day at Center of Hope

Highlights:  21 spay/neuters on "Sunday spay day"

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Campineanca, Feb 2017
Highlights: 95 dogs and cats were spayed/neutered Read more
Highlights: 83 spays and neuters and one life-saving kidney surgery were performed. Read more
Highlights: This was RAR's 23rd campaign in Vatra Dornei and 61 animals were spay and neutered! Read more
HIghlights: 82 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered in Campineanca, a small village in Vrancea county. Read more
Highlights: 35 dogs were spayed neutered during this campaign in the small town of Moreni. Read more


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