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The Center of Hope has grown and the structure itself is up, thanks to your donations! Phase 1 is now complete and we are onto Phase 2, infrastructure, fencing and equipment so that we may begin work helping animals. This Center will be the headquarters for spay/neuter, Homeless Animal Hospital (Bucharest), the Veterinary Training Camp, the Education/Seminar and Learning Center, launch site for HOPE spaymobile, as well as provide rooms for volunteers to rent, visiting vets to stay while attending the Veterinary Training Camp, and for vets and techs to stay overnight. The location of this magnificent project is just outside of Bucharest in a village. Here are photos from the beginning until today, and blue prints of what the infrastructure of the ground floor will be. We are seeking investments and donations for the purchase of tables, lights, heat/air, plumbing equipment, floor and ceiling, X-Ray, isoflorane machines, instruments, etc.

This is a massive venture that will serve thousands of animals and prevent millions of animals from suffering. We need your help to continue to build and sustain the Center of Hope. This is an investment in the animals lives that will last for decades to come. Please help us with a sponsorship for the Center of HOPE.

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay/Neuter International Friends and Supporters.

My colleague and one of the finest human beings I have ever met is having his birthday on July 12. Dr. Aurelian Stefan. The one thing he wants most is to have the Center of Hope up and running for the animals. This Center of Hope is located outside of Bucharest in Ilfov County and will serve thousands of animals (estimated 110,000 household animals and uncountable strays).

Numerous local charities are thrilled at the prospect of having the Center built so that they can take advantage of this golden opportunity. The Center building itself has been constructed thanks to donations, and the new fence is being put up. Funds are needed for infrastructure and lots and lots of equipment.

Dr. A and his brother Dr. Petrisor Stefan have had this dream for years since they bought out the land where the Center is located from their cousins (it was their grandmother's property). Those of you who know Dr. A and Dr. P have experienced all they have done to help change the fate for the animals in Romania. Many of us have worked side by side with them as volunteers or charities. They have perfected techniques, always strive to do better, and frankly are the most amazing men, along with the rest of the Dream Team.

I hope you will join me in donating in honor of Dr. Aurelian Stefan for his birthday for the Center of Hope. Thank you friends. This is the most important project for the animals welfare and I hope you will support this new Center, for the love of our fellow beings.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Nancy Janes

Dear Friends

As you know we have been working hard and using all our resources towards our dream: The Center of Hope. A place where "Respect for Life" has a very deep meaning. Prevention of unwanted pups and kittens is the highest form of respect that we humans can show towards our fellow 4-legged companions. A unique concept including an ongoing spay and neuter project together with veterinary training and animal care for the poorest souls, the first one of its kind in the Balkans.

I dream of it as a place where Hopeless does not mean Helpless and a place that will absorb the positive energy to be redirected towards helping the ones that need it most. I will be 36 on July 12th and I donate my birthday towards the Center of Hope. I do not want any personal presents. My biggest present and joy is that I am part of a wonderful RAR/ASNI team. A team that has travelled thousands and thousands of miles throughout the world will now have a HOME, with your help!

Soon it will be 10 years with RAR, my best years when RAR has been the top of our agenda. You wonderful people that stand behind us deserve a "hat off" greeting from all of us here and you are always in our minds. With your help the 10-year anniversary will be celebrated at the Center of Hope and not with a cake but with a castle of pictures of hard-working campaigns, hundreds of of working hours, thousands helped, and a wonderful feeling that only together we can achieve something great, something that is not only for now but for generations to come.

Each of you who donates towards this wonderful Center is part of the RAR family. We are building something to serve today's need of reducing the overpopulation of dogs and cats. This Center will expand and reach out even more, to improve and enhance life-saving features to its upmost ability. I long for the day when all you wonderful friends come and have a gathering in our wonderful back yard. The birth and building of the Center sends such powerful and positive vibes that drive us to go on day by day. I am sure you will love the feeling. Thank you for all your donations on behalf of my birthday on July 12th.

God Bless you,
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

Welcome, Danciulesti, Frumusani, Glina, Goiesti, and Vidra, to our spay/neuter family.

Thank you for your support in helping us reach out to all of these cities, towns, and villages in Romania! Thanks to your support, 3124 spay/neuter procedures were performed in Adjud, Bucharest, Iasi, Vatra Dornei, Moreni, Craiova, Rosiori, Vidra, Lipia, Snagov, Panciu, Comanesti, the USA missile base near Craiova, Tecuci, Frumusani, Tulcea, Sadova, Goiesti, Galati, Danciulesti, Romania, and in Greece with our friends Greek Animal Rescue.

TOTAL: 48,408 procedures funded worldwide!


Spay/Neuter (ASNI) News

This late Spring and early Summer has kept the RAR/ASNI team very busy spaying and neutering in Romania and Greece. Since April we have spayed and neutered in Adjud, Bucharest, Iasi, Vatra Dornei, Moreni, Craiova, Rosiori, Vidra, Lipia, Snagov, Panciu, Comanesti, the USA missile base near Craiova, Tecuci, Frumusani, Tulcea, Sadova, Goiesti, Galati, Danciulesti, Romania, and in Greece with our friends Greek Animal Rescue. Super thanks to all the vets and techs who work so hard to make these campaigns come to life! Extreme thanks to the charities, organizations and individuals who sponsor and donate so that these campaigns can be achieved. Many of these locations needed the help of our Homeless Animal Hospital program to repair a hernia, an infected eye, and other problems were addressed. We were fortunate in many locations to have deparasite products donated and these were so wonderful to start off a long hot summer free of parasites for these sweet animals. Special thanks to our anonymous donor who gave deparasite products!

Upcoming spay campaigns asking for our help: Tecuci, Sibiu, Panciu, Odobesti, Comanesti, Iasi, Bucharest, Craiova, Moreni, and the large October spayathon in Craiova, and HOPE mobile campaigns. Please support our work with a donation. $25 will spay or neuter a dog or cat and prevent thousands from suffering!

Bucharest Spayathon

Bucharest Spayathon, 2016

Iasi Spayathon

Iasi Spayathon, 2016

Vatra Dornei Spayathon

Vatra Dornei Spayathon, 2016
Vatra Dornei Spayathon, 2016

Moreni Spayathon

Moreni Spayathon, 2016
Moreni Spayathon, 2016

Snagov Spayathon

Snagov Spayathon, 2016
Snagov Spayathon, 2016

Comanesti Spayathon

Comanesti Spayathon, 2016
Comanesti Spayathon, 2016

Greece Spayathon

Greece Spayathon, 2016


May and June were amazing months, multiple campaigns happening in numerous regions of Romania at the same time. While Ingrid and Nancy were in Bucharest, Snagov, Lipia and Iasi volunteering and working at spay and neuter campaigns, the Hopeathon was spaying and neutering 255 animals in 3 remote villages near Craiova! What is a Hopeathon? Well, best we ask Suzy Alexander who had the vision to create this event. A few months ago Suzy decided that she wanted bring in a team of friends and volunteers from the UK, Germany and Romania and take our spaymobile HOPE on the road to reach the people where they live and love their animals. The work was hard and hot, the turn out was amazing with well over the goal we had planned for, and the people were so very grateful! Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated and participated. Photos and video courtesy of Frank Goralski.

Photos and Video

Hopeathon, 2016
Hopeathon, 2016
Hopeathon, 2016
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Animal Care (Homeless Animal Hospital) News

Romania Animal Rescue's Homeless Animal Hospital program reaches out to the animals that would otherwise have no help, due to high cost of treatment or other problems. Pictured above is a dog that belongs to another rescuer, Simona, with whom we work in Craiova. Here is her thanks to you and to us for saving her boy:
"My boy is here, alive and well after a very complicated surgery. A week ago he was almost dead. Now he is well thanks to Homeless Animal Hospital who was there for us, like always. You must know that we respect you very much and thanks to you my dogs are well. All of them treated by you and your team. All of them well. 1000 times thank you for your wonderful work."

Here are four more stories we'd like to share with you from HAH:


Bunbun before eye surgery Bunbun after eye surgery

Meet Bunbun. He was found by school children in Craiova. They could not afford to take him anywhere for help and asked for Homeless Animal Hospital to care for the kitty. Bunbun had his eye removed and was loved and cared for by Carmen in Craiova, the students' teacher and a dear friend of ours, until he was adopted to the UK.

Bladder Crystal

Bladder crystal removed from a dog

The HAH project deals with many situations in the remote areas we serve. This is a bladder crystal removed from a dog during a spay campaign. One can only imagine the suffering this poor dear went through prior to our help. Thanks to your support, we can help animals like this one!

Craiova Rescue

Dog with hernia

This dog, from Moreni, was brought to the spayathon. She had a massive hernia that our veterinarians fixed while she was getting spayed.

Elderly Dog Saved

Dog with eye infection

This elderly dog was found wandering the streets of Craiova in severe pain. He was brought by a local rescuer to Family Vet where Homeless Animal Hospital project treated him. He was full of worms, his wounds had maggots, and his eye was causing severe distress. Thankfully he is now recovering well and sheltered with our friends at Speranta in Craiova.

Thank You

We are so very grateful to our supporters! Thanks to YOU, thanks to the groups, fundraisers, families, raffles, and all that is done to help our charity survive and grow. There are so many wonderful amazing people to thank and to be grateful for. Thank you for helping the helpless and the otherwise hopeless. Bless you friends! Thank you to all who make these miracles a reality, all the donors, volunteers, many who travel half way across the world to help in our missions. A saying in Romania is: Hope dies last. We intend that Hope and help will always be there for the animals, thanks to your support, may it grow and expand to help millions more!

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354)
(UK Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935)

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Animal Spay/Neuter International (the DBA name for Romania Animal Rescue) is now a registered charity in the UK! Please use Registered Charity Number 1157935 Animal Spay/Neuter International when donating in the UK. Endless thanks to Mandy Easter and Chrissy Phillips for all the work they did to get this done. It's official: We are a charity in the UK!

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US Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354


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Include our Tax ID when itemising
RAR/ASNI charitable contributions
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Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935

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