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Rescue of the Month: Zuzu

Zuzu Prepped for SurgeryDr. A. Performing Surgery on ZuzuZuzu Recovering from Surgery

Zuzu is a stray dog that had a terrible fracture in her leg. Because of the state of her hind leg, she required surgery to amputate the hind leg. FamilyVet placed a catheter in her front leg ready for anesthesia and IV fluids. An endotracheal tube maintained her airway during the procedure and the surgical area was clipped. FamilyVet has a separate room for clipping to ensure no loose hair contaminates the surgery site. She was placed on a heated table and connected to the oxygen supply and monitors, which recorded her pulse and respiratory rate. A surgical scrub was performed on the clipped area and sterile drapes are used to prevent contamination. After surgery, Zuzu recovered in a warm kennel under supervision.