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GlobalGiving Challenge

We have been tasked with meeting two donation challenges from GlobalGiving. This fundraising company meets 20 standards for charitable accountability, according to the Better Business Bureau.

  1. The first challenge is to fund the spay/neuter of 1000 dogs in Romania.
  2. The second is to fund the expansion of our educational program in the Romanian school systems by printing 10,000 animal welfare booklets.

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GiveDirect is a nonprofit service to process our credit card transactions. If you donate US dollars with a Visa or MasterCard, GiveDirect waves all processing fees! Your credit card statement will show a payment to GIVEDIRECT, not Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.

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Bank of the West
Romania Animal Rescue, account number: 190121178
Address of bank: 2287 2nd St., Livermore, CA 94550


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You can mail your check to: 8000 Morgan Territory Rd, Livermore, CA 94551