New Project: Ring Road

Ring Road

Thousands of stray dogs live in the industrial areas near the busy Ring Road around Bucharest. We have started a new project to spay/neuter as many dogs as we can to improve the quality of life of these Ring Road dogs.

Many of these dogs are fed by people working in these areas. But too many puppies are born in these factory yards and they are vulnerable to diseases and injuries. The best we can do to help is to see that fewer pups are born into a world that cannot provide for them.

Mammary Tumors: An Important Reason To Spay Female Dogs and Cats

Mammary tumors on a dog

Mammary or breast tumors are common in female dogs. Surgical removal is recommended for most mammary tumors and prognosis is good. This is good news for dogs that have owners and access to a vet. For cats the prognosis is not so good with 85% of mammoth tumors in cats are malignant and tend to spread elsewhere in the body.

Little Puff

Little Puff was attacked by dogs, resulting in a nasty throat injury. He had already had two surgeries by a private vet but food was going to his lungs and coming out through the wound. His desperate owners contacted Romania Animal Rescue for help. Puff's guardian had had heart surgery and was distraught at the thought of losing Puff. The family couldn't afford any more treatment for Puff and didn't know what else to do to help him.

Honey as a Thank You

He had parvovirus, an insidious viral disease. It prefers animals with weak immune systems, so older dogs and puppies are most susceptible. In the small piture, still with a dripping nose, he already felt better. His owner immediately took him to our clinic, as the puppy was no longer eating, only vomiting. He was a lucky puppy, as this disease can be life threatening, if not quickly treated. However, his owner could not afford the costly treatment. Now Stolzy and his owner came back with a lot of honey. It was his way of paying. We say thank you!