What should I do if I see an injured animal on the streets of Romania?

If possible, please arrange for the animal to be transported to a veterinary center for investigations. Please do not leave the animal on the streets as rogue dog collectors can pick up the dogs and lock them up in high-kill shelters, with no chance for treatment or recovery. You should take the animal to your nearest veterinary clinic as soon as possible. If there isn't a veterinary clinic near you, please contact us and we can direct you to a network of animal rescuers and can point you in the right direction.

High Volume of Spays, October 2014

What can you do 1536 times in a month? Maybe perform 50 push-ups a day, totaling 1550 for the month--imagine how fit would you be by the end of that month. Try reading 350 pages of a book each week, works out to about five books for the month-- think how smart you would become from all of that book knowledge.

Animal Care in Bulgaria, September 2014

The Animal Spay Neuter International Dream Team crossed the border into Bulgaria to provide free spay/neuter in the city of Dimitrograd. While there, a dog was brought in that was matted, full of fleas and ticks. The vets and techs trimmed him, neutered him, and treated him for ticks and fleas--boy did he feel great when he woke up!