Mammary Tumors: An Important Reason To Spay Female Dogs and Cats

Mammary tumors on a dog

Mammary or breast tumors are common in female dogs. Surgical removal is recommended for most mammary tumors and prognosis is good. This is good news for dogs that have owners and access to a vet. For cats the prognosis is not so good with 85% of mammoth tumors in cats are malignant and tend to spread elsewhere in the body.

Help Dogs Like Pablo


Pablo was very sick with parvo virus when he was rushed to Romania Animal Rescue's Homeless Animal Hospital project at Family Vet in Craiova. Parvo virus is a highly contagious, deadly infection that can kill dogs within 48 hours. Lucky for Pablo, he has been treated and adopted by a lovely student who will take good care of him. The Homeless Animal Hospital project provides a safety net for dogs like Pablo. Without the financial worry of veterinary fees, more people can give dogs loving homes in Romania.

Bringing HOPE by Providing Free Veterinary Care

Bringing Hope to Romania

The Homeless Animal Hospital vet team traveled to a very poor area of Romania to help out a very needy family that has 16 dogs in their care. A very poor but very caring family that do what they can to rescue and help out as many dogs as they can. We spayed/neutered all the dogs and provided vaccines and parasite treatments. One of the dogs had heart failure and received a special examination/treatment.