Nearly two years ago, Katybug was found on the street and brought to the RAR Homeless Animal Hospital by a concerned passerby. She was very weak and her right front leg was dangling unnaturally. She was unable to stand or walk on it. RAR vet’s tried to save Katybug's leg but unfortunately it was too badly damaged to heal so they made the decision to amputate it. Katybug also had a torn ligament in her back leg that required further surgery. While recovering from her injuries, Katybug struck gold, when long-time RAR supporter Suzy Goffredo Morris visited RAR and fell in love with Katybug. When she was well enough she travelled to New Jersey in the USA to join Suzy’s pack of six dogs. Here is Katybug today, having made the journey from living on the streets of Craiova to a comfy bed in the USA.