Dr. Aurelian Stefan

Dr. Aurelian Stefan DVM, is the RAR Medical Director. He takes part regularly in spay/neuter campaigns (called "spayathons") leading a team of expert veterinarians and vet technicians who travel around Romania to operate on up to 50 animals per day. He is a pioneer for the humane control and of stray dog overpopulation in Romania. He met Nancy Janes in 2008 and organized the first RAR spayathon in 2009.


Dr. Petrisor Stefan

Dr. Petrisor Stefan DVM, graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2006. Dr. Petrisor has worked along side his brother, Dr. Aurelian Stefan to develop one of the first veterinary clinics in Craiova which became the first RAR/ASNI headquarters. He is also one of the tutors on the The Veterinary Training Camp program and member of the RAR Board of Directors.


Dr. Ella Hodeianu

Dr. Ella Hodeianu DVM, is the most experienced member of RAR/ASNI veterinary team, with over 17 years of experience. Despite her impressive knowledge, Dr. Ella always seeks to develop her skills and improve her techniques, making it her mission to give vulnerable and sick animals the best veterinary care possible.


Dr. Ioana Popescu

Dr. Ioana Popescu DVM, graduated in 2013 from the University of Bucharest and became a resident veterinarian at RAR's Homeless Animal Hospital in 2013. She often participates in sterilization campaigns across the country and teaches safe sterilization surgery techniques as part of The Veterinary Training Camp.


Dr. Ioana Preda 'Lexi'

Dr. Ioana Preda DVM joined the RAR veterinary team in 2013 and she has been a resident vet at the Homeless Animal Hospital in Craiova ever since. She also teaches sterilization surgery techniques as part of the Veterinary Training Camp because she loves sharing her knowledge and increasing young vet's confidence in the operating room. 



Dr. Livioara Rotariu

Dr. Livioara Rotariu DVM, graduated from the University of Iaşi, The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 and began her collaboration with Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. in 2010. To date, Dr. Rotariu has performed surgical sterilization on more than 25,000 dogs and cats. She specializes in modern non-invasive surgical techniques that have minimal traumatic impact and allow for a speedy recovery.


Dr. Miruna Berzuc

Dr. Miruna graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2006 and joined RAR in 2014 after taking part in a RAR spayathon as a guest vet. In 2013, Dr. Berzuc went to Thailand to volunteer.


Dr. Roxana-Elena Stan

Dr. Roxana Stan DVM, first started working with RAR as a campaign volunteer in 2010 while still a student and continued as a campaign nurse from 2011 until she completed her post graduation internship in 2012. She is one of our most active spayathon vets and travels around Romania for most of the year, to deliver mobile spay/neuter campaigns. She also operates internationally as part of ASNI.


Ruth Osborne

Originally from the UK, Ruth Osborne BS(hons), VN, DipCABT, first became involved with RAR in June 2011 and within six months she had moved to Romania so she could be more involved with the work of RAR. She gained her veterinary nurse qualification in 2005 and is currently studying to become a veterinarian at the University of Bucharest. She is also one of the Veterinary Training Camp team.

Alexandra Avrigeanu, Vet Tech

Alexandra Avrigeanu

My passion for animals it's since I was a kid ...when I first find out about RAR years a go I have followed with love and interest all the beautiful activity and was a dream for me that.some work with such great.passionte people...last year in December my dream come true and I have joined the dream team as a vet tech . I cant find word's to describe the beautiful journey i had how much i learned in this short time and what beautiful feelings of sadisfaction and happines you have after a hard working day seeing an ill dog getting back healthy or knowing that neutering you have saved hundrets of innocent souls comming to suffrence.


Anda Popescu

Anda graduated in 2007 from University of Targoviste as a journalist, but soon after decided to follow her true passion - animal welfare-. She first becase invovled with RAR as a volunteer campaign coordinator and became a full time member of the RAR veterinary team in 2015, after graduating as a Veterinary Technician. She still uses her journalist skills to provide written reports of the spay/neuter campaigns she attends, keeping RAR supporters up to date with our work.

Simona Soanca, RAR Vet Tech

Simona Soanca

I have started working with RAR 3 years ago, after a friend introduced me to the team. Although I had no experience with animals, I have soon learned the true happiness it brings you the most simple gestures like seeing an inpatient eat for the first time, or using its legs after surgery, or the incontrollable feeling that you want to cry, when they go home. Over these 3 years I have come to own 4 dogs and one cat. It is like a drug, once you've started, you can't stop.


Valeria Chivu

Valeria has been a veterinarian technician since 1998, working in several veterinarian clinics across Romania. In 2006 she met Dr. Aurelian Stefan and attended her first RAR spayathon in 2008. Valeria helped organize many spay/neuter projects outside Romania, mainly in  Portugal and Greece. 

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