Romania Animal Rescue

Dr. Simina Chirtu joined the Veterinary Training Camp in July 2020 to learn minimally invasive sterilization techniques. Dr Simina is from Novaci, a small town high in the mountains of Romania. It is a very isolated region where snow blocks the roads for a large part of the year. Vets are very few and far between in this area and there is a significant stray dog population in this region. Romania Animal Rescue first met Simina through our collaboration and support of The Hope Tour. She offered her small pharmacy and clinic to be used as a base for a small spay campaign bringing together vets and volunteers from different organisations to help the people and animals in her local area. This year we were able to offer her help in return by providing an intensive spay training course. The progress she made in a short week was amazing and already has dogs booked on Monday for surgery. After spaying as many shapes and sizes of dog that we could find for her we are sure she will cope with whatever the mountain dogs have in store for her. She is going to be an important asset to welfare her local area and is another vet in Romania supporting education and training. For now she is starting her own small clinic high in the mountains for which we wish her all the best and we hope to see her again soon to share other surgical and clinical skills and support her in what will be a challenging road ahead.
Here are some photos of her training as well as the region she will be helping.
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