Maz Fouler

Marianna Foulger (Maz) joined RAR in 2014 after hearing about the work that Dr. Aurelian Stefan and the rest of the vet team were doing to save homeless animals in Romania. After that she took a very active role in rehoming many of the animals that RAR helps spay and neuter. She lives in the UK.

Silke Bissmann

Silke Bissmann

Silke Bissmann began volunteering for RAR in 2013 at spay/neuters campaigns organized in Romania. She travels regularly from her home in Germany to help the vet team when needed.

Romania_Animal_Rescue_Volunteer_Sue Pawson

Sue Pawson

Sue is volunteering for RAR in the UK helping with fundraising for spayathons.


Sue Roberts

Sue is volunteering for RAR in the UK, helping organize fundraising auctions and social media promotions.


Tanja Ebeling

Tanja is volunteering for RAR in Germany where she helps manage the charity’s social media account and organize fundraising events.


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