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Introducing the
"Spay Shuttle"


Thanks to the wonderful outpouring of support, we are rocketing into 2017 with a new "Spay Shuttle". This vehicle will reach out to communities and bring animals to the Center of Hope, located near Bucharest, for spay/neuter and veterinary treatment. We would like to extend our gratitude to all of our donors who contributed to this campaign.

Newsletter Dedications


We would like to dedicate this newsletter to Florica, the beloved dog of Suzy Goffredo Morris.
It is with heavy heart we say goodbye to our Florica he was one of the forgotten ones. Not a cute puppy, not an unusual dog just a regular dog who lived a long life who was forgotten. We will never forget you my dear Florica you were special to us. You are now playing with Henry in the sunshine. No pain, No cold, no snow, no rain just green pastures and an existence of love. We vow to fight harder for the forgotten ones. We promise your life was not in vain. —Suzy Goffredo Morris


We would also like to dedicate this newsletter to Ion, Nancy's and Rory's first dog adopted from Romania.
Rest in Peace darling Ion. Our first Romania puppy adopted in 2004. You had class and dignity Count Ion. We will miss you very very much honey. —Nancy Janes

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay/Neuter International Friends and Supporters.

Happy New Year to you! As we look forward to the New Year, I would like to reflect on the leaps forward that 2016 has brought for us to establish animal welfare in Romania. While we continued to do our massive spay and neuter projects, treat animals under the Homeless Animal Hospital program, expand education information throughout the country, and train more vets, we built the Center of Hope, with your help.

We also began Hopeathons on a larger scale, spayathons using the mobile ambulance HOPE to reach out to more villages. Our thanks to you are over the moon! We simply could not do all this work without your support.

The Center is shaping up and equipment is being delivered on an almost daily basis now. Soon the Center of Hope will be opening, providing state of the art care for animals! With your help, we were able to purchase equipment and our new spay shuttle van that will bring animals to the Center for care and spay and neuter.

We provided 9888 spays and neuters in Romania and Bulgaria in 2016. We are now close to 55,000 (53,525) spays and neuters total in our work. Congratulations to the animals! Congratulations to YOU! Why do we concentrate so many efforts on preventing births? There just are not enough homes for all the unwanted animals...and no animal deserves to suffer a life where he or she is not wanted.

I hope you will join me and us in continuing to support our desperately needed work for the animals. And consider coming to volunteer for a campaign! Please enjoy this newsletter and "walk down memory lane" from 2016.

We wish you the very best.
Happy New Year, and lots of happiness, Nancy Janes

Dear Friends

At the moment I am writing this letter, there are freezing cold temperatures outside. Humans and animals struggle with the polar weather that seems to have taken us by surprise. Despite the cold weather our work does not stop. It continues under various forms.

Today we operated a stray dog with a congenital eyelid problem and we hope she makes a full recovery. She'll be kept warm with the person that rescued her. From now on her life begins to change for the best: She can see and we can see her beautiful eyes.

With such heart warming stories we try to overcome the blizzard outside. It is our way to fight back the cold and the misery outside. We know for sure that our work from the past years prevented the birth of so many pups that right now in this very moment would face cold, thirst, disease and all the bad things brought on by being alone in the freezing weather. Thanks to your support, hundreds of thousands more are not suffering during this horrible weather.

I want to tell you that you can not send the sun to Romania, you can not make spring come any earlier, but you definitely can do something even greater: Let the snow fall on the ground and not on some cold desperate puppy or kitten that is looking for that hard-to-find safe, warm spot.

I want to thank you for being the ones who believe that prevention is the key to cure all the disease and pain! Thank you for making Romania a better place for animals and bless you and your beloved ones, and Happy New Year to all!

God Bless,
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic


Spays and Neuters in 2016 were 9888. Campaigns were held in Romania primarily, as well as in Bulgaria. Thank you to the amazing fundraisers who work so hard each and every day to raise the $25 per spay or neuter price. You people are absolutely amazing. Auctions, raffles, boot sales, and ongoing focus for specific projects makes this work possible. Please enjoy these photos from a village campaign with HOPE in October in Romania. Photos courtesy of our dearest friend and photographer, Frank Goralski

2016 Total: 9888

Total Spays/Neuters Funded Worldwide: 53,525

Spay/Neuter (ASNI) News


Animal Care (Homeless Animal Hospital) News


Lucky, found shot 17 times on the side of the road and left for dead. Rescued and brought to HAH by Frank Goralski. Now lives at Mama Hope's home in Romania.

Hundreds of animals receive vet care, free or subsidized, from the Homeless Animal Hospital campaign. Here are a few of the sweet animals that we helped in 2016 as they were brought into HAH either at a spay campaign or at the clinic in Craiova. All received the best of care and treatments.

Anda Popescu found her a great home in the UK.

Mazzie, brought to a spay campaign and fostered by Dr. Miruna. Now lives in the UK thanks to Sue Blythe.

Bunbun beforeBunbun after
BunBun, found by teacher Carmen Georgescu's school children and brought to HAH. Now adopted to the UK thanks to Carmen.

Dog with Eye Tumor
Dog brought in with eye tumor by family who could not afford treatment. Received free treatment thanks to your support and returned to family.

Bladder crystal
A bladder crystal removed from a suffering dog during a spay campaign.

Toby, brought into the clinic in Craiova by a Good Samaritan. Leg was amputated. Now adopted to the USA by Marleys Mutts.

Center of Hope News

Center of Hope

Watch us grow! A year ago we were quite worried, ground had been broken to build the Center of Hope (COH) near Bucharest, but our funding source had fallen through. With the support of our wonderful donors, we were able to build the Center, and now are purchasing equipment! This Dream for the Animals in Romania will soon be open for business!

With your help, we have purchased so many supplies and pieces of equipment. An X-ray machine, oxygen concentrator, and our spay shuttle van to name a few things! The Center of Hope will be our headquarters in the Bucharest region. COH will be home to HOPE the spaymobile that visits villages, our spay shuttle that brings animals to the COH for spay/neuter and treatments, our education and seminar programs, spay and neuter Center, and our veterinary training Center. Thank you to all the wonderful fundraisers, campaigns, hard work and funding from our wonderful supporters. Many of our friends visited the preview opening in October to see the incredible gift to the animals that many of them helped to build.

Center of HopeCenter of Hope

Education News

Handing out education booklets

RAR was able to reach more communities with the education books, and we plan to run numerous creative education projects at the Center of Hope in 2017.

Thank You

There are so many people to thank, so many extraordinary people who have it as their mission to help the animals lead decent lives. We can never thank all of you enough. From the vets and techs who work harder than is imaginable, Thank YOU! To the donors who make it all possible, Thank YOU! To the fundraisers who see to it that donations are forth coming, Thank YOU! To the the creative artists who use their skills to help the animals, Thank YOU! To the skilled writers who help to spread the word, Thank YOU! To those who share our information, Thank YOU! To the Board of Directors for Romania Animal Rescue Inc USA, to the Animal Spay and Neuter International Trustees, to WAVE Germany and WAVE Romania, Thank YOU!

We wish everyone a safe, peaceful New Year and all the very best. Thank you for supporting the work of Romania Animal Rescue Inc. and our affiliates. Without you, none of this could be done.

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID (RAR): 72-1546354)
(UK Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935)

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