Dog at Center of Hope

Dear Friends,
February is International Spay Neuter Month. We are ready for action and to reach another milestone of 80,000 spays and neuters this month!

So much is happening in animal welfare through Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International. Please enjoy the latest news, and we ask that you support our missions of care, compassion and mercy for these innocent souls. We are pleased to announce that we will soon have printed new education books and coloring books in Romania. Crayons are being sent from the USA for the children.

Dr. Aurelian comforting a local animal lover
Sterilization poster

Translation: "Why dump me in the forest? I will die of thirst and hunger. Spay My Mom! It's free!"

There is an area in the vicinity of the Center of Hope where puppies are continually abandoned. This banner will be hung there to help stop this abandonment and educate the locals of the opportunity for spay/neuter near them.

Watch a video of Dr. Aurelian Stefan rescuing 3 puppies.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Watch the rescue video

Only $25, or £19, or €23 will spay or neuter a dog or cat and stop potentially hundreds from being born. Please help us to get ready for the massive puppy and kitten season. Your help is vital to end animal suffering before it starts. Thank you.

Support Spay/Neuter

Homeless Animal Hospital Project

The need is immense and we hope that with your help we can continue this incredibly vital work. Here are some of our recent patients.

Injured dog

This poor pup was found abandoned starving in the fields. He needs a transfusion, lots of tests, nutritious food, deparasiting, vaccines, neutering, and a safe environment in order to survive and thrive. As of this date, no funds have been raised to help him. We are hoping to raise the funding through our generous supporters.

Kitten montage

This kitten, named Oscar, was brought in needing open thorax surgery for vascular malformation. Thankfully we could give him the help he needed!

Cat breathing aparatus

This poor feral cat was found with her internal organs crushing her heart. She needed emergency surgery. Not only did she recover, but we sent her home with a cat trap so that her new human companions could bring in cats for spay and neuter.

Vet clinic

Adoption Highlight

Dudu Before

Do you remember Dudu? He was found in horrible condition and starving in Romania. He spent months in rehab at the Center of Hope as well with fosters until he got adopted.

Dudu After

Lucky Dudu, now Andy, was adopted by our friend Jane in Maine. He now has a home sweet home to call his own and will never know suffering or starvation again!

Food for Animals

Marius's Shelter

Marius's Shelter

Marius's Shelter

Marius's Shelter

Marius's food arrived for the month of February. Thanks to Marguerite, Virginia, Charlotte, Marianne and Nancy, we have enough funding for his 200+ animals until May. The cost per month is $1000. RAR has worked with hundreds of people in Romania, and Marius is one of the most determined, kind, and compassionate. RAR also spays and neuters his animals, provides vaccines, and treats them for injuries and disease via our Homeless Animal Hospital project. Your donations are appreciated to help this good man help the animals. Our friends from Holland have helped to adopt animals from the shelter into great homes in the Netherlands. We hope to be able to keep this project going with help from our fabulous donors!

Our New Documentary

Our documentary has received rave reviews on social media. If you have not already seen it, please view it here. It reflects the work and challenges we face working to help in Romania:

Watch the Documentary

Thank You

On behalf of Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Nancy Janes, and all the Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International team,

Our work is only possible thanks to good people like you!

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