by Oana Gusatu

"When I first visited Romania, I felt defeated....heartbroken and torn. I Saw more suffering and neglect of animals and humans that I ever thought possible. It haunted me for a long while. I wanted to help so much but it took me years to figure out a plan of action. But looking back, that seems to have paid off." (Nancy Janes, RAR Founder)

Nancy & Aurelian

Since 2003, when Romania Animal Rescue and Spay Neuter International were set up, we've been working to reduce the number of unwanted litters, to educate people about the importance of spaying and neutering and to inspire vet staff and volunteers to stand by our cause. From Greece to Costa Rica and from Suriname to Romania, we have brought our message, compassion and skills to helps thousands of animals. But there are many more to help.

"Our goal is to make place in people’s hearts for spay and neuter and compassion." (Dr. A. Stefan, RAR Veterinary Director)

RAR's work focuses primarily on spay and neuter programs, to avoid unwanted litters and prevent animal abandonment. But while we work to prevent millions of unwanted animals from being born - and later abandoned - we also need to insure that those living have decent care. Educating pet owners and their communities about animal rights and welfare and teaching them animal compassion and how to treat other living beings has become our goal for 2017.

The Center of Hope is a concept that we have been thinking of for more than 5 years. It is the kind of project that needs to start for you to see its true potential. We want to set new standards of animal care and changing the future of both humans and animals in Romania is high on our priority list. We want people to recognize RAR as part of their community and as a partner in the daily life." (Dr. A. Stefan, RAR Veterinary Director)

To do this, we need to grow. Our plan for the next 3 years focusses on acquiring more veterinary ambulances and vet care vans to reach more communities. We are also working to organize more educational seminars to help train more vets and vet techs, and ultimately, replicate the success of our Center of Hope in Bucharest and open more centers of veterinary excellence throughout Romania and abroad. Because we are committed to providing the highest level of care provided to every animal, regardless of circumstance.

We need your help to make it all happen. From volunteers to help out at our spayathon events to donors to help us raise the necessary funds to purchase equipment for the Center of Hope, we need you all!