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Inspirational People »

Sue Roberts posted this testimonial on Facebook:

I saw a post recently and saw a comment from someone, saying that this person was inspirational and it got me thinking, who do I feel is the most inspirational to me? And it has to be Nancy Janes, one of the co-founders of RAR and one very hard working woman! RAR was born out of a hiking trip in Romania and an incident with a Romanian woman and some strays that she was the 'care-taker' of. The Romanian woman said that all these foreigners came, felt sorry for the dogs, promised help, and then went home and forgot all about them. Nancy said she wouldn't forget and would try and help and she did! And what an amazing achievement has happened since!! Over 27,000 neuter/spays in Romania alone!! Educational booklets for the children have been provided. Training of Romanian vets has been provided. Re-homing of the Romanian dogs. And now in conjunction with RAR, the Homeless Animal Hospital has been set up! If you then take into consideration, the sister-charity of RAR - ASNI and all the world-wide spay/neuters as well!! Well all I can say is, thank goodness for that hiking trip!! You are a true and real inspiration, Nancy Janes!

--Sue Roberts

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We are dedicating this newsletter to Terry Rivas's father, Eddie the dog,Bubba the dog, and Lucky the dog.


We lost our almost 15 year old dog to cancer. Bubba was playful till the very end. He taught us so much about life. We will cherish our time with him forever.

Charlotte Crucean
and Dale Kooistra


To my precious Eddie:
You were my first furry friend, through you and your eyes that could not see, I discovered a better world, unconditional love and trust. You helped me be a better person, I felt joy when you were happy and pain when you suffered. We were one for many years and I miss you and will always remember you. May you rest in peace, sweet soul!

Love, Ina


To my Little One
I didn't know that someone like you could ever exist, and that I could be lucky enough to be the one you chose to love back. You came into my life 11 years ago, the summer of 2003, and changed my entire life. Nine months previous to this I had lost my soulmate Tommy, and I didn't think I ever deserved to be happy again. Then my sweetest Tommy sent me this lonely and scared little boy and we ended up changing each other's lives completely. Then on August 8 of this year I had to make the hardest decision of my life and let you go before me. My heart and soul went with you, my dearest little one, but you are leaving behind a legacy: The vaccination project. I will, with the help of RAR, Nancy Janes and Dr A, continue to raise funds for vaccines that will help dogs in other countries to stay healthy and pain-free, like all dogs should. I miss you dearly every day, but I refuse to say goodbye. So until we meet again, Little One.

your forever mum, May

We would also like to dedicate this newsletter to the memory of Cecil Jones, the father of our dear friend Terry Rivas.

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Friends,

I would like to start this newsletter by wishing my friend, Olive Walker, all the love in the world. Olive has been an inspiration to me, and helped both myself and RAR to be stronger and to never utter the words "this is impossible". Olive, I wish you the best my dear friend. My thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.

As Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay Neuter International expand our work, with over 1300 spays neuters since our last newsletter, we want to thank the fabulous people who have continually helped us to achieve milestones, now approaching our 30,000 free spay/neuter in Romania alone. This amazing accomplishment has been possible only with your support. Thank you lovely wonderful people for understanding the mission of Neuter or Spay! No More Strays! No More Suffering or Killing!

Our Homeless Animals Hospital works daily to help animals that would otherwise have no help whatsoever. Treatments, vaccinations, sterilizations all are done by the great Dream Team of the Homeless Animals Hospital (HAH).

Our education is ongoing with the booklets that are distributed at many of our spayathon events as well as at the HAH Family Vet Clinic in Craiova, And our sponsorship for excellent veterinary training at the Veterinary Training Camp will be hosting new students from Tanzania in the Spring as soon as their Visa's are approved. Helping more animals and the people who care them, all with your support! Thank you very much!

With love and respect,
Nancy Janes

Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to thank you for supporting our work and for the commitment you show towards the dogs and cats in Romania. I want you to know that we proudly work hard to serve the national name of our charity. Romania is the second largest country in central Europe and we cruise the land to answer cries for help throughout the country, sometimes to destinations that are more 700 miles away. It is hard work and our top priority is to provide top quality safe surgeries and to set a high standard of surgical technique everywhere we go.

Lately we helped in our neighbor country of Bulgaria and we were very happy to be able share our experience with our Bulgarian colleagues. We went to new places such as Satu Mare and Carei, who are extremely happy for the enormous help they got from us. At this moment we receive more calls for spay and neuter than ever and we are glad that with your help we are able to save so many animals from misery, pain, hunger, cold, and a hopeless future.

At the same time our teams help with free surgeries to hundreds of homeless animals that are treated and vaccinated at " Homeless Animal Hospital". We work around the clock to offer a new beginning for the animals that suffer from various conditions. These animals are in such a sad condition no one wants to adopt them. Many are in pain and need urgent treatment. With your help we rewrite the faith of so many animals and this is what gives us power to go on and never give up helping the helpless souls. Thank you again for your support,

Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

Stay informed about our animal welfare campaigns in Romania by subscribing to Dr. Aurelian's blog: Homeless Animal Hospital.

The RAR Map of Romania

We'd like to welcome some new towns in Romania where we have recently run spayathons: Tantava, Racoasa, and Gaesti.

Your support has brought us to each of these towns for one or more of our animal welfare services: Spay/neuter, school education, veterinarian training, veterinary care, adoption, and shelter support.

Thank You!

Spay/neuter procedures funded

ASNI/RAR funded spayathons in:

Vatra Dornei


29,866 in Romania alone,
30,975 worldwide

Upcoming for October »

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc is seeking sponsors for the October Spayathon for up to 800 spays/neuters. This is our 4th Annual Campaign whereby we provide free spays/neuters in 2 weeks for a chosen community. This year will again be in Craiova. Please contact Nancy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your details. Charities as well as individuals are welcome. Those sponsoring 100 animals or more ($2500) will have their name or logo printed on our banner. Thank you!

Support the October Spayathon

Bulgaria Spayathon »

Bulgaria Spayathon Bulgaria Spayathon

Bulgaria Spayathon

Bulgaria Spayathon Bulgaria Spayathon

The Animal Spay Neuter International Dream Team crossed the border into Bulgaria to provide free spay/neuter in the city of Dimitrograd. While there, a dog was brought in that was matted, full of fleas and ticks. The vets and techs trimmed him, neutered him, and treated him for ticks and fleas--boy did he feel great when he woke up!

Speaking Engagements »
Dr. Aurelian Stefan in Maoland

RAR Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Interviewed on Mangalia TV

Mangalia Spayathon

You can watch the interview on their website. Animals are suffering terribly in Romania. The way to solve this seemingly never-ending crisis is with massive spay/neuter. Here is a translation of his interview:

"More than 150 animals were spayed/neutered in the past two days (in Mangalia), mainly dogs, but we also operated on cats - around 10-20% of the total number. We are used to this kind of activity, the working style and the fast rhythm, we even tried to schedule all the animals within a three-day period of time so that the RAR team could enjoy some relaxing time at the seaside.

We were very pleased to see how the Galia people responded to the RAR project and we will probably come back in the near future. The authorities responded positively to our campaign. RAR is an American-based charity working in Romania to prevent the situation of dogs' abandonment and those of strays roaming the streets. We will try to continue our work here and in the future.

First, an animal is not an accessory. An animal is a living being that deserves to be treated with respect. We mustn't treat them superficially, with no consideration or affection. This compassionate way is part of a life standard we all want for ourselves in Romania. "The European Union" sounds fantastic, but there are no strays in the EU, and this should also be the case for Romania: no strays roaming the streets.

Having said that, I would recommend to all pet owners to be responsible pet owners, not to let their dogs breed uncontrollably, not to let their dogs on the streets or allowing them to roam unrestrained on the streets most of the time. A dog should be well-cared for. Dogs should not be chained, if possible, and things will be better. If each and every one of us does his small part, you'll see that things will improve. Things will get better here too."

Mangalia Spayathon

RAR Founder, Nancy Janes Spoke at the 2014 California Animal Law Symposium

Nancy Janes at the 2014 California Animal Law Symposium

Nancy Janes spoke on the SALDF Loyola's International Law Panel at the 2014 California Animal Law Symposium. She gave a talk on the terrible treatment stray dogs receive in Romania by dog catchers and government-run shelters. The way the law is constructed, there is no accountability to treating animals with decency. The Romanian government has even used dog mauling incidents to move animal welfare in the wrong direction. The audience was appalled at the situation and was eager to find ways to use the legal system for creating a better incentive for proper animal care.

Thank you so much, Nancy Janes, for coming to speak at the 2014 California Animal Law Symposium at the UC Hastings School of Law in San Francisco for SALDF Loyola's International Law Panel! What a heartfelt, emotional presentation! Sincerely, Diane Chang

Spay/Neuter Update »


Tecuci Spayathon Tecuci Spayathon Tecuci Spayathon
Tecuci Spayathon Tecuci Spayathon

We visited Tecuci to spay/neuter animals big and small. Dogs and cats were all welcome, and the people of Tecuci came to us from dawn to dusk.

Tecuci Spayathon Tecuci Spayathon

Ranna, Moreni, Carei

Ranna Spayathon
Ranna Spayathon
Moreni Spayathon
Carei Spayathon

Feel the love from Ranna, Moreni, and Carei when we visited each town this month for their spayathons. These people love their animals, but need your support to spay/neuter their animals.


Although the city of Iasi provides spay/neuter for dogs, the cats are at a loss for help. That's where RAR steps in, but our funding is now gone for the Iasi kitties spay/neuter campaign. Can you support us with a donation please so we can maintain this vital program?

Support the Iasi Cats

Animal Care »

Ranna and Her Puppies

Ranna with her puppies
Ranna with her puppies

You may remember Ranna (aka Hanna) and her puppies, found by the Dream Team's Dr. Aurelian Stefan while returning from a spay campaign in Tecuci. The Ranna and her puppies were taken back to Tecuci for foster care coordinated by Mihaela, and just recently they were sent to Moreni. Ranna was spayed at the Spayathon in Moreni, and her two puppies came along for the ride! The great news is, Anda found a foster care home in the UK and they will be going to foster and adoption! Watch a video of when Ranna and her puppies were first found.

Donation Drives »

Smile Donation

Amazon Smile

Just by shopping at, you can donate to RAR: .5% of your purchases get donated to RAR when you shop at Amazon Smile and choose Romania Animal Rescue as your charity.

Spay/Neuter Awareness

Romania Animal Rescue Wristband Romania Animal Rescue Wristband
Romania Animal Rescue Wristband

Join the band--we're heading for more spay/neuters! These wristbands are a bright yellow that is sure to attract attention and start a conversation about spay/neuter in Romania. The phrase "Neuter & Spay -- Not Born To Stray" is stamped in blue around the wristband. They are £2 plus shipping (£1 within the UK, outside the UK, please ask). You can make your payment via PayPal to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for shipping rates.

Facebook Campaigns

Our supporters have created several fundraising initiatives on Facebook. Here are a few:

Our Thanks »

Thank you donors! All this great work is only possible because of you!

Our Facebook fundraisers have been nothing short of miraculous! Sue Roberts headed up the call early this year, and was soon thereafter joined by Maz Foulger, Sue Blythe and family, Mishy Dunn, and Diane White, and the vaccine queen, May Britt Seem. Bless the donors who have done all they could to make sure these campaigns have been successful!

Thank you to Dogs on Death Row for your support for more spays/neuters in Romania for the dogs. Thank you Cats on Death Row for your support for more spays/neuters for cats! Thank you to Mayhew Animal Home and Mayhew International for funding the printing of our education books. Thank you to Ylva, Ariane, and Patsy for matching donations to allow us to accomplish more than ever! Thank you Jane for your extremely generous donation, and to Margaret for all your help, support and donations.

Thank you to RAR and Animal Spay Neuter International USA Dream Team: Bonnie Siddons, Mary Young, Rory Janes, Suzy Morris Alexander, June Luzarraga, Rob Cole, Charlotte Kooistra, Renee Snyder, Michele Snyder.

Thank you to RAR/ Animal Spay Neuter International Dream Team UK: Mandy Easter, Chrissy Phillips, Sue Roberts, Maz Foulger, Sue Blythe, Steph Blythe, Diane White, Mishy Dunn.

Thank you to RAR/ASNI Dream Team Romania, who make miracles happen! Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan, Dr. Miruna Berzuc, Dr. Roxana Stan, Dr. Irina Corbu, Dr. Livioara Rosiori, Dr. Ioana Preda, Dr. Ioana Popescu, Vet Tech Extraordinaire Ruth Osborne, Vet Tech Extraordinaire and Program Coordinator Anda Popescu, Vet Tech Extraordinaire Luminita Negrila, Program Coordinator and Assistant to Dr. Livioara Lelia Creanga, and Program Coordinator Mihaela Raducanu. Your compassion and sacrifices for the animals know no boundaries. Thank you!

Thank you to 4 Stray Dogs for helping to sponsor our campaign in Bulgaria. Thank you to People 4 Pets, Germany, for the Sighet campaign! Together we can make miracles happen!

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)
(United Kingdom, Reg. Charity #: 1157935)