Ladies standing by a sign for the Bacau spayathon

Nikki Franken reports on our spayathon in Bacau. In this excerpt, she describes the process the animals go through for surgery.

The procedure is simple yet very efficient: the dogs are registered by a piece of tape with a number on the back leg. The owners are given a card with the same number. The dogs are injected outside and put in a basket until they are asleep. Then the 'taxi-service' carries them to the OR. When they are operated on the taxi brings them to a separate recovery room which is next door to the OR.

I worked in recovery today. We register the number of the dog and the time it enters the RR (important because the dogs have to be starting signs of coming to after half an hour), monitor the dogs as they are still anesthetized (checking their gums, heartbeat and breathing, removing the tracheal tubes, checking, cleaning and pressing on the wound if it is still bleeding a little) and help them as they come out of the anesthisia (mainly stroke them, talk to them and sometimes hold them tight in a blanket when a dog is fearful or disoriented).

When the dogs are awake enough we call a member of the operating team over who checks the dog again and approves its leaving. Small dogs are taken outside to the owners who wait outside, bigger dogs are being taken out of the RR together with the owner.

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