Two wonderful days in February, caressed by the sun, two days in which I saw people's faces relax, knowing that they will not have unwanted puppies from their beloved pets, 95 animals were spayed and neutered. Thank you to Nancy Janes, Maz Foulger and all of our donors that supported this spay/neuter campaign.

Thank you to our amazing Vet team:  Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Roxana-Elena Stan, Dr. Miruna Berzuc, Vet Tech. Anda Popescu, Vet Tech. Valeria Chivu, Vet Tech. Alexandra Avrigeanu.   The town of Vrancea thanks you and appreciates this amazing work.  

Thank you to some of our volunteers that helped with this campaign: Cristina Dohmen, Ester Efours Boi, Ann Baert and Heidi Jacobs.