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Romania Animal Rescue - Center of Hope

All animals, stray or not, abandoned or well looked after, pure breed or mixed, all deserve the best veterinary care they can get. The Center of Hope does not differentiate between animals and their owners, whether they can pay for our services or not, while remaining focused on helping the homeless. The center welcomes difficult cases from other regional charities and will provide the best veterinary care, from routine check-ups and small surgery to emergency procedures and recovery physical therapy.

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Center of Hope

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Progress To Date - Major Milestone Reached
Center Of Hope

Major Milestone in Romania Animal Welfare...our Center of Hope opened its doors this Spring 2017 to animals in need! It is the first purpose-built veterinary hospital that aims to provide free or subsidized veterinary care to stray animals and impoverished families in Romania and has been treating patients since February 2017. Some of the facilities for the animals include a sterile surgery, spay room, digital x-ray, intensive care unit and two isolation wards for patients with distemper and parvo.

Current Needs

We need your continued support to not only to be able to provide free care of all animals in need but to also continue to be able to purchase the medical equipment to continue to keep our hospital fully functional.  The following items are always in need: scalpels, sutures, sterile drapes, sterilized gloves, needles (all sizes), betedine, head covers, sterilized gowns, disinfectant, mops, buckets, towels, fleece blankets, crates, swabs, forceps, hooks, needle holders, scissors, Frontline, unsterilized gloves, bandages for incisions, dog and cat food.  

Please help us get these items purchased and help us continue to maintain and keep this amazing center of hope for all animals in need.

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